German Restaurants

Bier & Bier
German gastronomia, large beer hall and German restaurant. Delivery orders taken. Restaurants in Perdizes and Vila Madalena, at Perdizes - Av. Sumare, 1293 at Vila Madalena - R. Delfina, 196. Valet parking available.
Bockwurst and wienerschnitzel served in a German cottage style restaurant at Rua Pascal, 608 Campo Belo.
German restaurant serving traditional German dishes like paprika Schnitzel and imported German drinks like warsteiner beer and liebfraumlich wine. Al. dos Arapanes, 1400 Moema.
German restaurant in Sao Paulo, Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Goulasch. Rua Alvaro Rodrigues, 304 Brooklin.
German dishes such as steak tartar and paprika schnitzel, Wednesdays and Saturdays feijoada is served. Happy hours and executive lunches feature. Avenida Aratãs, 713 - Moema.
German restaurant in the center of Campos do Jordao. Sauerkraut (sour cabbage with german sausages) In-house brewery open to visitors 10:00-17:00 weekdays. Rua Djalma Forjaz, 93, loja 10.
German gastronomy, corporate and social events hosted as this German restaurant is located inside the transatlantico club at Rua Jose Guerra, 130 - Chacara Santo Antonio.