Insect, Fungus & Rot Treatment

Zero Inseto
Removal of insects from residential properties, de-steralization, water tank cleaners. Rat, cockroach and cupim removal. Av Jonia, 419, Jd Brasil, Sao Paulo - 04634-011.
Matar Cupim
Cupim removal. Cupim are small insects that tunnel holes in wood, they occur in tropical areas of the World. Emergency phone number.
Sam Controle Ambiental
Pest control Sao Paulo. Rats, fleas, scorpions and cockroach removal. Rua Antonio Fidelis, 43, Lapa de Baixo, Sao Paulo - 05068-000.
Opcao Desentupidora e Dedetizadora
Removal of rats, fleas, scorpions, cupim, cockroaches and spiders. Water tank cleaners. 24 hour emergency contact number. Rua Armando A Correa Filho,Dr, 152, Jd Paulista, Osasco, Sao Paulo, 06150-500.