Insect, Fungus & Rot Treatment

Matar Cupim
Cupim removal. Cupim are small insects that tunnel holes in wood, they occur in tropical areas of the World. Emergency phone number.
Opcao Desentupidora e Dedetizadora
Removal of rats, fleas, scorpions, cupim, cockroaches and spiders. Water tank cleaners. 24 hour emergency contact number. Rua Armando A Correa Filho,Dr, 152, Jd Paulista, Osasco, Sao Paulo, 06150-500.
Sam Controle Ambiental
Pest control Sao Paulo. Rats, fleas, scorpions and cockroach removal. Rua Antonio Fidelis, 43, Lapa de Baixo, Sao Paulo - 05068-000.
Zero Inseto
Removal of insects from residential properties, de-steralization, water tank cleaners. Rat, cockroach and cupim removal. Av Jonia, 419, Jd Brasil, Sao Paulo - 04634-011.