Night Clubs

Night club with a samba-rock and funk program of presentations. Thursday to Saturday starting from 21:00. R. Baumann, 1435, Vila Leopoldina.
Hip hop parties promoted by Mix FM radio station. Guest rappers. Club holds 2000 people. Av. Marques de Sao Vicente, 1767, Varzea da Barra Funda. Monday from 23:00, Friday and Saturday from 00:00.
Fofinho Rock Club
Hard rock and heavy metal club. 30 years in Sao Paulo. Club holds 1200 people. Av. Celso Garcia, 2728, Belenzinho. Thursday 20:00-00:00, Friday 23:00-04:30, Saturday 21:00-05:00, Sunday 16:00-23:30.
Resident DJs and live bands host popular parties at R. Conego Vicente Miguel Marino, 85, Barra Funda. Tuesdays 21:00-05:00, Thursdays to Saturday club opens at 22:00 and on Sundays 17:00.
Love Story
Techno and house music club in central Sao Paulo. Rua Araujo 232 01220-020 Sao Paulo. Saturday nights from 01:00. Nearest metro is Republica.
Carioca Club
Samba, ax, pagode, zouk and samba-rock. R. Cardeal Arcoverde, 2899, Pinheiros. Monday and Thursday to Saturday from 22:00.
Large bar, lounge and dance area. Electro and progressive house music. R. Quintana, 765, Brooklin. Thursday to Saturday from 23:30.
Electronic music, house, trance, techno and neo-disco tunes rock this chic night club in Sao Paulo. Monday to Saturday starting from mid-night. Al. Olga, 170, Barra Funda.
Pink Elephant
Small late night dance club with a well dressed crowd. Resident DJs. Edificio Dacon - R. Gumercindo Saraiva, 289, Jardim Europa. Wednesday to Saturday from 23:00.
Club Manga Rosa
Electronic music dance club with different DJ line ups every week. Rua Guararapes, 1754.
Cafe Photo
Bar, live music and restaurants, cigar store, wine cellar, the upstairs club has access to the internet. Av. Helio Pellegrino, 480. Monday to Friday 19:00-04:00, Saturday and holidays from 21:00-04:00 or until the last client leaves.
Buena Vista Club
Attracts a crowd in the 30s age bracket, program of shows with live salsa bands feature regularly. DJs also perform. R. Inacio Pereira da Rocha, 367, Pinheiros. Monday from 20:00, Thursday to Saturday from 22:00.
Ocean Club
Regular live music nights, rock music, live rock nights Sao Paulo, fantasia, fantasy dress parties. Rua Nestor Pestana, 189 - Consolacao - Sao Paulo
Nightclub with dark wooden walled interiors, large dance floor and resident house music DJs. Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck, 1726, Vila Nova Conceicao. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 22:00-05:00.
Alternative rock club in the West region of Sao Paulo. Regular rock bands. Thursday to Saturday from 23:00. Rua Turiassu, 483, Perdizes.
Space Ibiza
Simply decorated club with electronic music (electro, house, trance) R. Fiandeiras, 697 - Vila Olimpia. Fridays and Saturdays from 23:00
The jungle near Maresias on the Sao Paulo coast has intense Brazilian nightlife, Sirena club can hold 3,200 people and has world class DJs. Rua Sirena, 418, Maresias, Sao Paulo.
Club frequented by a fashionable young crowd hosts resident and guest DJs spinning uplifting dance music. R. Treze de Maio, 830, Bela Vista, Centro. Thursdays from 01:00.
A Lanterna
Late dinner venue, live music and dance floors. If you have been drinking you can leave your car in A Lanternas parking and collect it the next day. R. Fidalga, 531 Vila Madalena, 05432-070.
Techno club with international guest DJs. Thursdays from 01:00. R. Barra Funda, 969, Barra Funda, Centro.
Bomboa 222
Afternoon and nightclub with live music, 2 bars, football shown on the televisions, free light soup with bread served just before closing. Opening hours 14:00-04:00, Saturdays 14:00-03:00. Rua Capote Valente 222- Pinheiros -Sao Paulo.
Clube Cartel
Mixture of bar and lounge this club plays pop and rock with house nights on Saturdays. Location: Al. Franca, 1.100 - Jardim Paulista. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. From: 23:00
Asia Generation
Frequented by the young Paulistanos, DJs spin hits from the 1990s to a club that can hold 650 people. Thursday to Saturday from 22:30. Praca Procopio Ferreira, Brooklin.
Armazem Vilas
Attracts a well dressed crowd with shows of Pagode and Kaxorrada. The resident DJ spins dance, electro and house music. Tuesday to Saturday from 22:00. R. Beiro Rio, 116, Vila Olimpia.
Traditional samba music club with live samba bands. Feijoada served at lunch times on Saturdays. R. Claudio Soares, 124, Pinheiros. Thursday to Friday 21:30-04:00; Saturday 13:30-22:00; Sunday 17:00-23:30.
Bourbon Street Music Club
Bringing the magic of the bars of New Orleans to Sao Paulo. Live jazz, bossa nova, blues and relaxing music in this Moema bar. Rua dos Chanes 127. Tuesday to Saturday from 21:00; Sunday from 20:00.
Nightclub decorated in an Eastern theme, events hosted, late night dancing. R. da Consolacao, 01416-001 Sao Paulo
Blen Blen Brasil
Brazilian style nightclub in fashionable Vila Madalena, live bands play Brazil styles like forro and MPB. The stage and dance floor is upstairs and bar downstairs. Rua Inacio Pereira da Rocha, 520.
Galpao 16
Vila Madalena nightclub with various music. R. Fradique Coutinho, 1416, Vila Madalena. Friday and Saturday 22:00-late.
More than 10 years dedicated to black music, DJs play North American rap music. Friday and Saturday from 22:00-06:00. Rua Diana, 161 - Perdizes - Espaco Meu Quintal.
Inferno Club
Underground, after hours dance club on Rua Augusta. Thursday to Sunday from midnight. Rua Augusta, 501, Consolacao, Centro.
The Box
Melodic house and sets of tribal dance at this late night dance club in Vila Olimpia. Thursdays and Fridays from 23:00. Rua Pequtita, 189, Vila Olimpia.
After-hours nightclub on Rua Augusta. Music varies between electronic and electronic-rock. Thursday from 01:00. Rua Augusta, 765, Consolacao, Centro.
Shoes must be removed, club decorated in an Indian style, with incense burning and "nu jazz" playing. R. Clodomiro Amazonas, 660, Vila Nova Conceicao. Thursday 22:00-04:00, Friday to Saturday 23:00-05:00; Sunday 19:00-01:00.
Live PAs and electronic music at this Vila Madalena night spot. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from mid-night. Rua Inacio Pereira da Rocha, 109, Pinheiros.
Underground club re-opened at the end of 2008 in same location. Rock shows and dance floor with guest DJs. Saturdays from 01:30. Al. Barros, 376, Santa Cecilia, Centro.
Different live bands every week play in the Funhouse with the trend towards Indie style music. Rua Bela Cintra, 567, Consolacao, Centro. Thursday to Saturday from 23:00.
Hole Club
Small night club inside a shopping gallery on Rua Augusta. Parties with Jamaican music and MCs. Thursday to Saturdays 23:00-05:00. Live music Saturday nights. R. Augusta, 2203, Cerqueira Cesar.
Shows and disco, cultural space with urban art, music style is samba-rock to groove and live bands besides the disco. R. Augusta, 1.385 - Consolacao -Centro. Tuesday to Saturday from 23:00, Sundays from 21:00.
Santa Aldeia
Club with Pagode and Ax live performances. Live music varied with dance or funk music spun by DJs. R. Beira Rio, 113, Vila Olimpia. Friday 22:00 to 06:00, Saturday 13:00-21:00 and from 23:00.
DJ Club Bar
Rock night club with resident DJs spinning pop and rock from the 1980s and alternative rock. Thursday to Saturday 23:30-06:00. Al. Franca, 241, Jardim Paulista.
House music and rap style music. R. Prof. Atilio Innocenti, 160, Itaim Bibi. Thursday to Saturday from 23:00.
A rarity in Sao Paulo as Astronete is a strictly non-smoking night-club. Guest and resident DJs host dance music parties. Thursday and Fridays from 20:00 and Saturdays from 21:00. Rua Matias Aires, 183b, Consolacao, Centro.
Boogie Disco
Flash back to the the 1970s (and some of the 1990s) with large flares, collars, big hair and disco on the dance floor. Thursdays from 01:00. Rua Alvorada, 515, Vila Olimpia.
Following the success of Lotus in New York this chic club hosts glamourous house nights for Sao Paulos in crowd. Open to everyone on Friday and Saturday night the remainding nights are reserved for private parties. Rua Iguatemi, 236, Itaim.
Cafe Piu Piu
Musical and cultural fun in this historic dance and meeting location in Bela Vista. Live bands and shows are very varied from Brazilian to European and American rock. Rua Treze de Maio, 134.
Havana Club
Bar within the Renaissance hotel, attracts smokers of Central American cigars, bar serves Mojitos. 18:00-01:00 Friday 18:00-02:00, Saturday 21:00-03:00. Closed on Sundays. Al. Santos, 2233, Jd. Paulista. Metro: Consolacao.