Pre-school, Nursery & Kindergarten

PlayPen ECJ
Bilingual preschool, elementary and middle school following a single curriculum in Portuguese and English. 
Builders School Education Bilingual
Preschool education in English and Portuguese. Rua Ribeiro de Barros, Pompei 128 - CEP 05027-020 - Sao Paulo.
GIS SP - The International School of São Paulo
GIS SP - The International School of São Paulo GIS is an IB World School PYP candidate located in Moema.  We offer a transdisciplinary, inquiry based curriculum framework for 2 to 11 years old.  We also adopt the Reggio Emilia Approach in....
Bright Kids Preschool
Bilingual education for children of preschool age. Al. Campinas, 1200 E, Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo.
Away with Words
A Way With Words is a school for early childhood education in English. There program welcomes children from the age of 18 months onwards. Children also receive Capoeira and Yoga classes. Located at Rua Capitao Antonio Rosa 409, Pinheiros 01443 010.
Maple Bear Canadian School Alto de Pinheiros
Education in English to kids aged 2 to 6. The Maple Bear Methodology is based on the well established principle that children learn through experience and exploration. Alto de Pinheiro
Kids Corner Preschool
English language, Christian preschool, specialized in preparing young children of all nationalities to enter accredited American and British schools in Sao Paulo and abroad. Children aged 1 to 5 - Located in Alto da Boa Vista - Santo Amaro.
Global Me
A bilingual school accepting children from 1 until 10 years of age. Also a bicultural school which explores Brazilian and American culture. Located at Rua Colombia 66, Jardins.
Di Bercus
Infant education -ages 3 months to 6 years. Flexible hours, English lessons, music, ballet, capoeira and swimming. Rua Ramiro de Santa Cruz Abreu, 32, Jardim Bonfiglioli - 05592-120
Stance Dual School
A primary school providing a bilingual education in English and Portuguese.
Talk Kids
English pre-school education from 18 months to 5 years located one block from Ibirapuera park at Rua Bento de Andrade, 84 Jardim Paulista 04503 000.
Wings to Fly
An English preschool program for children 14 months to six years. Located in the Jardins area of Sao Paulo, Rua Chabad 71, 01417-030.
Bilingual pre-school, Portuguese is introduced at year 5, also offers ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) right up to grade 9. Located at Praca Professor Americo de Moura, 101, 05670-060.
Preschool and elementary education in English and Portuguese. Rua Salto, 98 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo. 04001-130.