Translators & Interpreters

Lersch Translations
Sworn translations Technical translations, simple translations, simultaneous translations, consecutive translations , text revisions. Av. Paulista, 726, c.j 109, 01310-100.
Bureau Translations
Language consultancy and translation in over fifteen languages. R. Batataes, 460, conj. 61, 01423-010.
In Company Aviation Languages
Language solutions, language training for pilots, air-crew, translations, courses, VIP tailor made trip mangement in Sao Paulo.
Carte Blanche
Concierge and tourism service, bridging the cultural divide in Sao Paulo. Services include: 1-1 support, translators, relocation, transport and tours of the city. Multi-lingual team.
The Translator Group
Professional translation service certified according both European EN-15038 as well as North American CAN/CGSB-131.10 standards. With over 5,000 professional translators and specialists on hand, we are one of the TOP100 translation agencies WW.
Planner Info
Custom computer progamming services. Computer language tanslation software. Rua Santo Antonio, 43 - Salas 310/311 Guarulhos - 07110-150.
Millennium Translations and Interpretations
Software, multimedia, and site localisation services on the Internet, translation, interpretation and multilingual text management.
Just Translations
Official and personal translation in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Located at Rua Matias Aires, 402 9th floor 01309-020.
e-Advance Language Solutions
Integrated language and translation services in a wide range of global languages. Services include translation and interpretation, multi-language traveler assistance and pick-up.
The Sigmma Group
Translation and interpretation in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese.
Sao Paulos leading Interpretation & Translation company. We specialize in helping international companies with their language needs in Brazil. We all speak English, so feel free to contact us when youre ready.
Fox Brand Law
English-speaking Brazilian lawyer and Portuguese translator located at Rua Julio Verne 129, Jardim Hipico, Sto. Amaro.
Translations In Confidence
With offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Bogota, the company offers translation services in a wide range of fields including: legal, financial, telecommunications and public tenders.
Language Associates
Translation and interpretation services, sworn translation services, commercial, financial, legal, medical, school documents, transcripts, diplomas, course descriptions, personal documents, certificate, contracts, webpages.
Papier Brasil
Translating original texts to and from Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and English including writing, drafting, revising and editing.
Euro Translations
Translation and interpretation services, sworn translation services, commercial, financial, legal, school documents, transcripts, diplomas, course descriptions, personal documents. Rua Manduri, 659 01457-020.
Certified translations, interpretation, transcripts, subtitling, reviews and classes in-company and via Skype for English and Spanish.
Beatriz Souza Traducoes
In-house Diplomatic Translator, Public Translator. Official & personal translation, school documentation & certificates
LAG Translations
Irish owned Brazilian business and social translation services from Brazilian Portuguese to English and vice-versa. Legal business documents necessary to do business in Brazil. Contracts, CVs, translator for business meetings in Sao Paulo.
London Brazil
Portuguese language lessons, personal assistants/translators for business trips, concierge services, trip and transport planning, services to English-speaking people traveling to Brazil. Teaching service, English lessons, Portuguese lessons.
Fidelity Translations
Technical and sworn translation services, electronic editing, interpreters, dubbing and legends overall. Rua Libero Badaro, 377, 29th floor 01009-906.
Rita de Amadeu
Portuguese language courses and lessons, group, individual and intensive options. Technical and legal documents translated.
Jose Henrique Lamensdorf
Certified public translator and interpreter. Translating English to Portuguese and vice versa. Translations legally valid for presentation to Brazilian public sector authorities.
Global Translations.BR
Document analysis and translation and digital certification for remote electronic transactions. Rua Pedro de Toledo, 80, Cj. 73 LIZ - 04039-000
Oxford English Cursos de Linguas Estrangeiras Ltda
Portuguese language lessons for all levels, advanced, technical and website translations, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese. Dynamic lessons, enhanced learning process. R. Guararapes, 469, Brooklin.
Praxis International
Translations and interpretations, full support and assistance for foreigners and Brazilians, natural and legal entity, tour support and participation in events, turistic interchange and culture. Rua Barao de Monte Mor, 225 - Morumbi - 05687-010.
Target Language Services
Company offering translation services and exam preparation. Provides business English courses. Located at Rua Vergueiro 727, Cj. 708,- Paraiso 01504-001.