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Home findind in Sao Paulo 0 Home & Garden Started by: Claudia Grigolon · Updated: 1640443490 · Created: 1640443490
If you are looking forward to buy or sell a property in Sao Paulo with all legal support and reliability, count on a gro
Transferring money to UK 3 Financial & Legal Started by: Scotsman-922511 · Updated: 1480712217 · Created: 1382717972
Any suggestions, please, for transferring modest amounts of money from my bank account here, to a UK bank account? I've
Documents to get married 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Mike-Aguilar-871055 · Updated: 1480712158 · Created: 1480712158
I have heard on another expat site that in order for me to marry my Brazilian girlfriend, my birth certificate and divor
moving to São Paulo in July 7 General Started by: Apples in SP · Updated: 1476872787 · Created: 1455352627
i have got a job in São Paulo (Jardins area) starting at the end of July. We (me, my wife and 2 young boys) are v
Getting US tourist visa 0 Families & Kids Started by: Mike-Aguilar-871055 · Updated: 1475277073 · Created: 1475277073
I'm trying to get a US tourist visa for my girlfriend so we can visit my parents. We've applied 3 times and have been de
Brazilian sugaring treatment 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: CeciThomsen · Updated: 1465176323 · Created: 1465172042
Hi all,Can anybody recommend a good place to get a brazilian sugaring treatment in SP? It's important that the clinique
English speaking dentist 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: CeciThomsen · Updated: 1465171769 · Created: 1464766317
Hi all,I'm looking for an english speaking dentist in SP (not too far from Itaim Bibi). I've a wisdom tooth that's break
Hair stylist 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Jo James-751169 · Updated: 1464186328 · Created: 1428610908
I'm in Sao Paulo for a few weeks and I've missed my usual hair appointment. Can anyone out there suggest a good salon? M
Rambling 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: Sophia-845719 · Updated: 1459649398 · Created: 1459535195
My kids just got back from visiting my parents where they enjoyed taking part in walks organised by their local rambling
AAA in Brazil? 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Sophia-845719 · Updated: 1459648954 · Created: 1459534860
I've been trying to find out if AAA or something equivalent exists in Brazil. Our car insurance is about to expire and I
Shipping container house for sale in Paraty... 0 Home & Garden Started by: jamiekennerley · Updated: 1459213713 · Created: 1459213713
Hi guys, We have a lovely 'design' house for sale in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. 2 bedrooms, on a plot of land around 145
Cheerleading 1 Families & Kids Started by: Jayne Ptolemy · Updated: 1456237549 · Created: 1456175400
Hello, My family is moving to Sao Paulo in July and I was wondering if there is cheerleading for kids age 4, 6 and 10. M
childbirth classes 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: trrao · Updated: 1456236833 · Created: 1456167012
Hi, need information where I can find people offering courses for prenatal classes and post birth baby classes in Englis
Childbirth classes 0 Families & Kids Started by: trrao · Updated: 1456166697 · Created: 1456166697
hi, need information where I can find people offering courses for prenatal classes and post birth baby classes in Engli
Horseback riding? 7 General Started by: Lenny-846112 · Updated: 1451820532 · Created: 1429560245
Does anyone know if there are any horse riding camps around?
Changes to State Pension age for women 0 General Started by: patty-549001 · Updated: 1450697183 · Created: 1450697183
For anyone! Wives, partners, mothers,husbands et al please read info on the WASPIsite on Facebook.Someone in your circle
Permanent Residency question 1 Financial & Legal Started by: travelchicky81 · Updated: 1449357922 · Created: 1445950231
I have permanet residency but am planning to move for a few years. I do not want to have to reapply for the card or lose
Moving Out 2 Home & Garden Started by: cupid-10049303 · Updated: 1447089096 · Created: 1446920670
Hi there, i will be moving out very soon. I have some old furniture and some other household stuff, which i want to give
How hard is it to rent an apartment without... 1 Financial & Legal Started by: bluechip-85599 · Updated: 1446148986 · Created: 1446090669
Hi, I know that it is legally possible to rent an apartment by offering rental insurance or a 3-4 month rent deposit, bu
Typical preschool schedule and English lessons... 1 Families & Kids Started by: bluechip-85599 · Updated: 1446141937 · Created: 1446091275
Hi, what is the typical preschool schedule like? Are kids in preschool only during the morning or do they stay until mid