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Founded as Seoul Surgical Clinic in 1990, a specialist clinic for colorectal disease. Recognized as the hospital that performs the most colorectal cancer surgeries in Korea. 481-10 Bangbae 3-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

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The largest patient-centered one-stop colonoscopy center

Daehang is a fully accredited and certified hospital specializing in colorectal diseases. Daehang offers excellent healthcare services through advanced, state-of-the-art medical equipment and innovative medical care procedures. Daehang is Korea’s first colonoscopy center, first hernia center, the largest colonoscopy center, and the largest colorectal surgery center.

We are the first hernia specialist clinic in Korea. We played a leading role in the development of hernia surgery by establishing an affiliated hernia center that introduced a recent operation method in 2001 and performing very secure hernia surgery certified by domestic and international academia. 

The best solution for preventing colorectal disease is colonoscopy. 

We established the first colonoscopy center among specialist clinics in Korea and have achieved 370,000 examination cases up to date. Also, 15 specialists for colonoscopy carefully examine the results with an accumulated know-how based on 3,000 colonoscopies per month.

  • Korea’s first colonoscopy center
  • Korea’s first hernia center
  • The largest number of colonoscopy examinations in Korea
  • The largest number of colorectal cancer surgeries performed among specialist clinics in Korea
  • A world-record treatment of 1,000 ESD cases (2011.8)

Hemorrhoids Treatment: 

Daehang’s doctors provide top quality surgical treatment for stage 3 and 4 hemorrhoids and non-surgical treatment for stage 1 and 2. Additionally, the hospital provides treatment for anal fissures through internal sphincterotomy. Daehang’s doctors also provide treatment for anal fistulas, including surgeries for simple and complex fistulas.

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Address: 2151 Nambusunhwanno (481-10 Bangbae-dong), Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Tel: 02 6388 8740

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Email: [email protected] 

How to get there: Line 4 Exit 14, Sadang Station.