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Daehang provides state-of-the-art treatment procedures for varicose veins including Sclerotherapy (the hardening of blood vessels through medicinal treatment), subcutaneous laser surgery treatmentand endovenous laser treatment (EVLT). 481-10 Bangbae 3-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

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Treatments we offer:

  • Varicose Vein Treatment
  • Spider Vein Treatment
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Our endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) is easy and convenient with minimal pain or discomfort. Through laser energy, our varicose vein experts can fix varicose veins by sealing away faulty underlying veins. Our excellent post-operation care allows for quick and continued recovery. We use a soft bandage to ensure a comfortable but effective healing process. EVLT is a great alternative to varicose vein stripping, which can be invasive and might take longer to recover from. It is usually completed in under an hour and does not require any hospitalization as a local anesthetic is generally used. Although the procedure is simple, we take the utmost care to make sure that our patients experience comfortable care in an efficient time.

We also do Sclerotherapy, which is one of the most common treatments for both spider and varicose veins. In order to harden the varicose veins so that they no longer fill up with blood, our varicose vein expert injects saline or a chemical solution into the varicose or spider veins. Your body creates alternative and natural ways of circulating blood from your legs to your heart. The saline-injected veins shrink until they disappear and the body absorbs the scar tissue until it is completely gone. 

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Address: 2151 Nambusunhwanno (481-10 Bangbae-dong), Seocho-gu, Seoul.

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Tel: 02 6388 8740

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How to get there: Line 4 Exit 14, Sadang Station.