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JZ is one of the only CPAs and business consultants in Asia capable of handling the unique needs of international businesses and expat individuals. JZ specializes in Corporate Restructuring, Tax Accounting, Asset Protection and General Corporate Compliance for international clients doing business through Asia and North America.  

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Who Are We?


My associates and I work as In-House CFOs and design systems for company’s back offices making your business more competitive in your industry area and increasing your sustainability compared to that of your competitors. We are here to help you in any way we can.

What Can JzAssociates s.p. Do for Your Company?


-      Payroll:

Design payroll structure to maximize benefits for employer and employee

Payroll transfer and email individual pay-slip

Monthly salary income tax return

Year-end settlement

-      Social Security Program(SSP):

Application of exemption

SSP acquisition and cancellation

Year-end settlement

-      Statutory Bookkeeping with or without Financial Reporting

-      Taxation:

VAT return

Corp. tax return(including interim CTR)

Withholding tax return

Class B income tax

Tax audit

Tax compliance

-      Start-Up:

Incorporation at the court

Tax registration

Open bank accounts

-      Corporate Secretarial:

House keeping

Business licensing

Keeping Corp. Seal

-      Management Consulting:

Interim management

Mentoring and coaching


Jz Associates

-      Tax Accounting Firm Haean

-      IPGLegal (Seungjae Law Firm)

-      Yi and Hong’s Scrivener

-      Ehyun (BDO) Consulting Group (Accounting Firm, Tax Accounting Firm)

-      Jz llc (Virtual office arrangement)

-      TieTax (US Tax Return)

Business Experience:

My name is Joe Zoh, but many of my expat friends call me JZ, which soon became a part of my business’s brand. I started my career at a medium-sized capacitor manufacturing company (listed in the Korea Stock Exchange) and finished my career at Molex (listed in the NASDAQ). During that time, I worked as Chief Financial Officer in many multinational corporations such as ABB, Leybold (Oerlikon), Walbro (TI Automotive), Ingersoll-Rand, NorthPole, and Molex (Koch).


I gained extensive experience in various businesses, cultures and industries and have direct hands-on experience with back office functions including HR, IT, house keeping and logistics for small and medium-sized foreign entities and investors.


And with this diverse experience, I had a chance to build up my professional network with expert accountants, tax accountants, attorneys, SAP specialists and scriveners to help in overall design your business process, tax strategy, direction and supervision of your back office at a competitive price.


Contact Information:

Homepage: www.taxjz.com

Blog: www.koreantaxblog.com

FB: @jzassociate

Mobile: 010 2296 5077

Fax: 031-273-5078

Address: CEO SUITE 15th floor, Kyobo bldg. Jong-ro 1, Jongro-gu, Seoul