Charities, NGOs & Voluntary Work

All Woman Action Society (AWAN)
Focuses on abandoned, abused and abohaned childesn by enrolling the support of Microsoft.
Rumah Hope
Provides emotional support for depressed, suicidal or in despair callers
Seoul City Volunteer Center
Seoul Volunteer Center, funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, promotes volunteer activities. It is the representative volunteer organization of Seoul, and acts as a hub in which it is dedicated to creating a “Happy Seoul”. #302 Namsan Bldg.,Sopa-ro...
Mellow Korea
Blog and group for cancer support.
Give Out Love Orphanage
Give Out Love Orphanage is a small orphanage for disabled children in southwestern Seoul. It is run by Rev. Lee and his wife out of their home. They care for all kinds of children, many with disabilities, and some with no disabilities at all.
World Friends Korea
World Friends Korea is an international volunteer program supported by the Korean government. Volunteering opportunities in mostly developed nations include education, health, rural development and information and communication technology.
RC Deaf Missions
RC Deaf Missions was founded in 1972. 
Mulmangcho School
Mulmangcho is an alternative school for young North Korean refugees. By becoming a monthly donor, you can empower the next generation of NK leaders.
Just International
To help create, train and assist the community on safety programme. 
PCB: Prevention of Cruelty to Birds
 Donation and volunteer as must welcome.
Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women
A foundation to assist in collection of donations and then to administer these funds to the needy.
Careless care care
We cares for refugees and asylum seekers and runs various community and education programmes. 
An independent private think tank which is committed to the development of Asian leadership and strategic thinking and to create a better society. 
LNK Ministries
LNK Ministries is a non-profit organization based in Seoul helping the citizens of North Korea by drilling wells and bringing rice to remote villages. 4th Floor, Obyungea Church, 1796 Joongsan-dong, Ilsan-dong gu, Gyeonggi-do.
World Share
World Share is a non-profit organization who keeps in contact with project leaders and other organizations that help children of 3rd world countries. SC Medical Center, 804 Oru-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul.
Cancerlink Foundation
An NGO that assist humatirian in Afghanisitan, South East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and Middle Asia. Looking for volunteers and donation. Call for donation and volunteering work. 
Sweet Help House
It provides comprehensive care for women and their children.
RC Korea
 It is an organisation that offers sign language training programmes and various career and skills opportunities to deaf persons.
Sisters in Itaewon
An association which assist Muslim woman against domestic violence.
PSCORE Human Rights
PSCORE Human Rights is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between South Korea and North Korea. One to one English tutoring is offered to North Korean students residing in South Korea. BF1 #3, 452, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
Jerusalem Ministry
Jerusalem Ministry is a Christian non profit organization that seeks to be God's hands and feet to orphaned and abandoned children. Myeongjin Children's Home 10-1 Gucheonmyeonlo 68 Nagil Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea 
Home for abused and abandoned children.
Alcoholics Anonymous
A voluntary organization in Seoul serving visually impaired persons. 
PP Project
It conducts classes and gives eduction on the danger. Hopefully the vaccine can be found and apply to save human kind.
Red Cresent Seoul
Non-profit organization for research of lifestyle causes of diseases. Charity programmes and activities for underprivileged.
Charities Korea
Non Profit Organizations In South Korea. Charities guide and news find a charity to donate or volunteer for child elderly homeless organizations and more.
Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation
Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation (KCOC) is an association of overseas development organizations with 88 members. 4F, TAF B/D, 54, Daeheung-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 
Multi Giver
Multi Giver is the leading suicide prevention program that educates and empowers communities in a sustainable and ethical way.
Rainbow Youth Centre
Rainbow Youth Centre is an early integration program for multicultural youth and North Korean refugee youth. It aims to help them integrate successfully into society. Volunteers are needed.
Sanctuary Restored
Sanctuary Restored is a branch of Women's Hope Center Korea which aims to become a social enterprise for survivors of sexual exploitation and those at high-risk.
Pacific Asia Society (PAS)
Pacific Asia Society (PAS) aims to promote mutual communication and cooperation by linking Pacific Asia.  3F Geum-O/D , 38, Ogeum-ro 36-gil ,Songpa -gu ,seoul, korea .
Peace Corea
An independent body with a coalition of NGOs, comprising voluntary, youth, students, professionals and other with the common goal of pursuing a just world peace.Peace Corea
Qinan is  aware about the danger of AIDs.
We are a group of volunteers from all around the world.
Blog and group for cancer support.
We assist integration into society always needs volunteers to help in GSM
National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
Improving living standards with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Targeted for individuals from rural, urban, semi-urban and vulnerable areas.
An NGO that is a one-stop national resource centre for all kidney-related matters, from dialysis to educating the public on kidney disease. Looking for volunteers and donations.
The Asian Pacific Reaources & Research
We are a non-profit public corporation and was established in 1991. 
Lifesaving Society Korea
Lifesaving Society Korea is an association organized to promote drowning prevention in South Korea. They offer first aid education, lifeguard training and survival swimming programs. CPR classes are also offered in English.
It is a non profit organization and their philosophy is to raise awareness of something like trimmim
The box
The box is a facility made to prevent the death of fish.
Korea SOS Children's Village
Korea SOS Children's Village is an international non-profit organization that helps children who cannot live with their parents and who are unable to help themselves.(Website in Korean only)
YISS is a Kindergarten (age 5) to 12th grade college-preparatory international school focused on developing students who are motivated from within and empowered to excel. Address: 285 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Well International
Well International is a non-profit organization which provides free medical and dental services for needy citizens in Korea and other countries. 63-8, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu
Korean Red Cross
Korean Red Cross assists people in emergencies and keeps communities safe every day. They offer blood donation services, emergency/general relief programs, and health/safety education. Sopa-ro 145, Jung-gu, Seoul.
Focusing on promoting conservation and environmental awareness. 
Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (G.O.A'.L)
 NGO providing services for overseas Korean adoptees run by international adoptees from all over the world. We offer our members birth family search, volunteers for interpretation, visa assistance, language scholarships, culture experiences etc
CyberCare Youth Organisation
An independent feminist organisation committed to improve womans life in Seoul against violence, for gender equality, rights and provides counselling. 
Education for special needs children and adults with disabilities. 
Peace Network
Peace Network is looking for experienced volunteers to help report on Korean NGO perspectives of the Korean Peninsula. 121-823, Peace Network, 5F, 55, World Cup-ro 25-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Mustard  help people in need.
a non-profit organization whose aim is to help in conservation of animal species and animal habitats
Interational Youth Centre
A society to help create awareness, welfare and responsibility towards young people.
Mercy corea
Aiming to contribute to peace and cooperation
Samsong is an organization that assists migrant women
An NGO that creates awareness about the danger of AIDs. 
World Culture Open
World Culture Open is a global network of cultural creatives and leaders dedicated to facilitating open platforms that invite people to engage, enjoy, embrace, and be enriched together through intercultural exchange and multilateral collaboration,in pursu...
Asian Island
Meet the challenges and responsibilities with us.
Samdong International
Samdong International is a Korean based NGO focused on educational, agricultural, and vocational support of communities across South East Asia.
Tank Think Thank
Volunteers can be tutors to people in need.
Volunteer Group PLUR
P-eace: To spread peace in Korea. L-ove: To share brotherly and unconditional love. U-nity: To foster unity with the people we meet and serve. R-espect: To respect each other, even if we have different views in life. Sign up for Facebook.
An NGO for womans right and to bring the proverty down. 
HOPE was created to provide educational services in fun, safe, and accessible places for underprivileged children to learn English free of charge. Volunteer locations throughout South Korea. 
Meteor Youth Voluntary Club
Meteor Youth Voluntary Club is a student organization managed by students. The club provides free English lessons to children and free Seoul guided tour for foreigners.
Korea Association of the Blind
An international relief and development organization working to alleviate human suffering among the world’s poorest and most needy communities,regardless of race,creed,gender,nationality or political inclination
Korean Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association - KVFRA
An NGO that creates an awareness of injustice that will enhance human dignity for a just world.
The Federation of Family Planning Associations
A association with an aim to educate KOREAN in family planning and responsible, supportive an effective family planning.
Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR)
TNKR provides North Korean defectors with language and job skills training. Volunteers can be tutors to defectors and/or help the NGO with event planning, development, and behind-the-scenes aspects of running the program. 
UU Korea
Provides direct services to Malaysian parkinson’s patients and their families, with practical advice on coping with problems arising from the disease. No.1
Hospice Seoul
A NGO that provide medical and palliative home care for those who are below poverty.
A non-profit organization that supports people from North
Sshapeup Welfare Organization
Promotion of principle and humanitarian service values, disaster managementhealth and car in community and first aid
Angel's Haven
A care home for children ages 3-18. More than 1000 children have been cared for during past 45 years. Foreign volunteers are welcomed. 191-1 Gusan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.