Cultural Centres

The Institut Francais
American Center Korea
ACKs goal is to provide specialized, accurate and authoritative information about the United States to Korean institutions and professionals
Japanese Cultural Centre
Official cultural institute aims to promote Japanese culture. Facilities include library, Japanese music information centre and gallery.
Mongolia Culture Centre
Mongolian language classes are offered and displays Mongol cultures.
Istanbul Cultural Centre
The centre aims to promote Turk culture and language. Library, language courses, cooking classes and events
Chinese Cultural Center in Seoul
The Chinese Culture Center in Seoul, introduces China to South Koreans through holding exhibitions, seminars and other activities.
Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul
Official Italian government agency for the promotion of cultural exchanges between Korea and Italy. library, language school and social club.
Confucius Institute Seoul
The first Confucius Institute in the world opened in Seoul, South Korea, in 2004
Latin American Center of Korea
Latin cultural events and programs. Network for Latin American Culture in Korea..
Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission
The centre is a meeting venue for people interested in Saudi Arbian culture and history.
Israel Cultural Centre
Official cultural institute promoting the Hebrew language, culture, international symposiums, seminars, concerts, friendship performances and exhibitions.
New Zealand Cultural Centre
English language courses and New Zealand culture information.
Nordic Cultural Institute
The Nordic Cultural Institute is based in Seoul and is a non-profit organization working to promote Nordic culture in Korea
Indian Cultural Center
Cultural center offers a wide variety of classes. Yoga, kathak dance, contemporary Indian dance, Hindi language and Indian percussion instrument. 36-1 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.
Korea-Arab Society
Established to help mutual understanding between Korea and 22 Arab countries.
Brazil Cultural Center in Korea
This website provides links and a useful information about living in Korea, and Brazil tourist information.
Institut Francais
An organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Library, language school and social club. Language classes are for every level and ages over 10yrs.
Promoting mutual understanding and business relations between Korea and Southeast Asian nations.
Czeck Centre
Centre promotes awareness of Czeck culture through providing informative information.
Goethe-Institut Korea
German cultural institute. Library, language courses, seminars and events.