Seoul Blogs

Aliens Day Out: Vegans in Seoul
Vegan/Vegetarian blog with great information about eating and living in Seoul.
Ken Maingot
Blog by an expat living in Seoul. Stories about living in Seoul and teaching English in Korea.
Seoul Beats
Latest Korean entertainment news blog. Hot topic and stoires on music/idol, film/television from Seoul Beats media.
Paul Ajosshi
England born actor Paul Ajosshi writes about daily life in Korea.
Seoul State of Mind
Korean travel and lifestyle blog with great photos.
Aeris Kitchen
 Aeri Lee is a blogger and her  cooking style has been influenced by growing up in the southwestern city of Gwangju in South Korea. Gwangju is well known in Korea for its arts as well as its rich and diverse cuisine.
Modern Seoul
Free non-profit English language lifestyle magazine in Seoul blog.
Heart & Seoul
Traveling blog by Chris Mitchell who is a ESL teacher in South Korea now and an official World Korea Blogger.
Kimchi Icecream
Blog about teaching EFL/ESL issures and topics. Useful resources about living in Korea.
Sauteed Happy Family
American couple and their cute cat share their favorite places in Korea, tips for teaching, and wild shenanigans experienced along the way.
Korean Food Blog
Korean food blog and other food blogs.
M Art YN
Exhibition information and reviews by Martyn Thompson.
Korea Indie
Korean Indie is the union of three long-time fans of Korean indie rock music — Chris Park , Anna Lindgren, and Mark Russell.
Seoul Village
Blog about life in Seoul since 2003. News, topics and comentaries on ever changing Seoul.
Kelly Frances Performance Artist
Performance artist based in Seoul.
Seoul Awesome: Your K-Blog
Your guide to Korean food, K-pop, Korean language and Travelling. Be inspired.
Inspire Me Korea
A blog dedicated to everything on Korean culture: Food, Beauty, K-pop, Recipes, History, Culture, Language and more!
The Seoul Patch
Life in Korea blog by American working as an English teacher in Seoul.
The QiRanger Adventures
Travel and culture writings and videos by Steve. His videos have been seen on CNNGo and Korean television.
Hungry Seoul
A blog that covers resturant reviews, recipes and insights from a food lover.
Chin Cha
Magazine style blog about Seoul by three British expats living in Korea.
Seoul restaurant review blog.
Seoul Blog by Hassan Abid
Global Seoul-mate is a program started by Seoul Metropolitan government for promoting Seoul city via photos, videos, blogs etc. Moreover, as a Publicity Ambassador, we represent and promote the beauty and wonder of Gangnam-gu to the world.
Seoul Eats
Korean food, restaurant review and other tomfoolery in South Korea.
Seoul Sounds
Korean soundblog. Sound captured what is uniquely and distinctly Korea and Seoul.
Life and travel in Korea. Meagan Mastriani is editor/columnist, K-pop/kimchi enthusiast as well as cafe connoisseur.
Seoul Food
Information about Seouls dining and restaurant scene.
Ask a Korean
A Q. and A.-style blog about Korea and Korean culture.
ESL Writing
Teaching ideas, lessons and activities in Korea. How to teach English language in Korea.
Lees Korea Blog
Blog about life in Korea. Its people, pastimes, events, celebrations, humour and views.
ROK On! Stands for Republic of Korea On, videos and writing about life and foodspotting in South Korea. All the blogs by foreigners living in Korea, in alphabetical order.
Eat Your Kimchi
Married Canadian couple living in Korea and making a lot of fun videos about it. Korean blog websites that are interesting & useful.
An Australian citizen in his thirties who is now in his sixth year teaching in Korea. He has worked for TaLK, EPIK and GEPIK; these days he teaches at a university.
A collection of blog pieces, articles, art and photography focused on life in South Korea. Submissions from a variety of expats are welcome.
The Korea Blog
World wide Korea bloggers sharing travel and living experience in Korea. Blog run by which is an official Korea website.
Dear Korea Comic
Comic describes everyday life in Korea by Jen Lee. A random comic made by a random expat.
Gust of Popular Feeling
Korean life blog by Matt since 2005. A look at Korean society, history, urban space and more.
Scribblings of the Metropolitician
Writings, recordings and photo reports from the streets of Seoul.
Stupid Ugly Foreigner
Blog covering photos, music, Korean lesson, food and news.
Music Practice Spaces in Seoul
Information blog about practice space/recording studio/mixing studio located in Seoul.
A Fat Girls Food Guide
"A Fat Girls Food Guide to Eating in Korea" is one of the most popular food blogs in Korea. Her blog reviews restaurants around Seoul, Korea.
Indieful ROK
Korean indie music and more. Check out the Korean Indie music scene.
Darren Farrell Illustrator
Darren is a writer and artist originally from North Carolina.
Tasting Korea
Blogs on the Seoul food scene.
The Three Wise Monkeys
Weekly updated blogzine with images, interviews, expat life, featured articles and current events.
Asian Correspondent
List of blogs about Korea.
The Waygook Effect
Blog about Korea from western native English speaking waygookin persrective.
Hanguk Yeonghwa
The home of Korean cinema. This blog is about the Korean Film: film news, film festival news, review and more.
Expat Abundance
ForeignerJoys information resources of expat life in Korea. Stories about expats life living in Korea.
Buhay sa Korea
Filipina, Seoulite, working mom, and wife to a Korean. General information on Korean visa for Filipinos.
Seoul Searching
Living and teaching in Seoul blog. Teaching English in South Korea and adventures around Asia by Mimsie.
Korea Bridge
List of blogs.
Expat Hell
This blog talks about various aspects of every day life as an expat in Korea. Fun stories heard living in Korea.
I'm a wandering soul
She started this blog to document the adventures and happenings of her life in the land of kimchi for herself and for her family. since starting the blog, she realized her readership is much wider than people that she actually know, so she hopes this blog...
Seoul Sub-> Urban
Information on the seoul transportation and many more useful resources.
Expats Blog
Expat community site for expatriate living abroad.
South Korea: A Dirty Dangerous Adventure.
A blog about South Korea.
Hermit Hideaways
Korean photography blog. Hermit Hideaways provides information on Koreas less known travel destinations.
Zen Kimchi
Food reviews on food experiences and reviews of restaurants in Korea. Food tour, restaurant consultation & internet marketing and media liaison services.
Seoul Podcast
Seoul life podcast website. Episodic series of audio and video on topics and stories in Korea.
Cute in Korea
Illustrator from California who has a Korean boyfriend. Elles blog about Korea.
The Grand Narrative
A blog about social and cultural issues in South Korea, British expat talks about gender issues happening in Korea.
The View from Over Here
Personal cultural experiences in Korea.
The Marmots Holes
Blog run by Robert J. Koehler, talks about Korean history, Korean politics, North Korea, the U.S. troop presence in Korea and regional geopolitics.
Dining Addiction
Dining Addiction was started in June, 2013 by Dustin Cole, a portrait photographer by trade. This blog is meant to document his favorite locations, and share the love.
Blog that youll find hilarious truths on what its like teaching and living in Korea.
SunnySmartShopping helps the expat community find deals and get things that are hard to find in Korea. Our goal is to help make this country feel more like a home away from home than another country.