South Korea Web Portals

Find English language websites for all areas of living and traveling in Korea. Includes information on national health insurance for foreign nationals, news and media, recipes, restaurant reviews, Korean food, national parks, saunas, sports, nightlife, museums, general living information, job searches, Korean literature and translation, learning Korean, navigation/directions/mailing systems. 

Korea Railroad
Public service company in Korea. KTX is the high-speed railway system which connects Seoul to major Korean cities. Train booking, information, route and railroad traveling.
Tourism Organisation - Korea
Online country guide with agenda, hot spot, shops, restaurants, nightlife, hotels, museums, housing and transport sections.
National Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals
Foreigners living in South Korea who are registered with the NHIC receive the same medical benefits and services as Korean nationals.
Korean Food Foundation
Restaurant review, events for foreigners, recipe and general information about Korean food. 137-787 Korean Food Foundation aT center, 232 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.
Korea Post
Official Korea Post provides postal and financial services.
Life in Korea
One stop guide for expats living in Korea. Reservation of hotel and tour, shopping guide, information on communities and clubs and activities /events.
English Map - Koreas New Address System and Map
System for figuring out addresses in Korea. Easy access to directions to Korean destinations. 
Korea National Park
Welcome to the National Parks. The South Korea has an extensive series of mountain national parks[15], marine & coastal national parks[4] and a historical national park. Taeyoung Bldg. 9th FL, 252-5 Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Korea official government website. Website contains Korean government policy, information on Korean history, Korean culture and traveling in South Korea.
Korea Immigration Service for Foreign Nationals
Immigration guide, extension of stay, change of status of stay, re-entry and general affairs.
Media Gaon
Korean English language newspaper article, newspaper editorial, current Korean issues, and Korean media publication and research data search engine operated by Korea Press Foundation.
National Health Insurance Service
Information about the National Health Insurance Service. Foreigners living in South Korea who are registered with the NHIC receive the same medical benefits and services as Korean nationals.
LTI Korea
Website sharing Korean literature with the world. Archive for Korean literature in translation. We provide grants to translators and publishers.Yeongdong-daero, 112-gil, 32 Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
The Korea Blog
World wide Korea bloggers sharing travel and living experience in Korea. Blog run by which is an official Korea website.
E Post Korea
Postal and financial services
Korea Knowledge Portal
Website for national knowledge and information resources. Nia building, 77 Mugyo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.