Walking & Hiking

Walking along the Cheon Gye Chon Stream
Cheonggyecheon is a 10.9 km (7.0 miles) long, modern public recreation space in downtown Seoul. Cheon Gye Chon Stream is a perfect spot to do some walking, relaxing or have a picnic in downtown of Seoul.
Korea National Park
Korea National Park offers information on the (15) extensive mountains and national parks, (4) marine and coastal national parks and (1) historical national park. Taeyoung Bldg. 9th FL, 252-5 Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Hiking Hub Korea
A detailed guide to hiking Koreas mountains for English speaking foreigners and residents living in Korea and/or visiting Korea.
Seoul Flyers
Seoul Flyers Running Club is a non profit club with runners from all over the world. Meet every Saturday morning near Ichon Station.
Hangang Park Riverside Cycling/Walking Path
There are 2 sections of cycling/walking paths along the Hangang riverside. One, along the southern side of the Han River, stretches 41.4km/25miles while the other one in northern area stretches 39.3km/24miles. Bike rental is available.
Hiking in Seoul: Surak-san
Surak-san, located northeast of Seoul offers great scenery. During weekends and holidays this place is packed with lots of hikers.Soo-rak-san Subway Station Line 4, or Dang-go-ge Station Line 7,15 minutes walking distance to Soorak-san ticket office.
Hiking around Seoul: Namhan Sanseong Fortress
This historic place is a park at an elevation of 460m/0.285mile above sea level. You can drive to the peak of the park or you can hike. 1-hour walk from Namhan Sanseong Subway Station, Line 8.
Korean Walking League
International walking festival schedule is listed on the website. 70 Geumho Twin Officetel, 89-1 Gwangheui 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul.
Hiking courses in Korea
Korea National Park Service provides information on hiking courses, camping sites & shelters in national parks. Taeyoung Bldg. 9th FL, 252-5 Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Hiking in Seoul: Inwang-san
Inwang-san located in the central area of Seoul, is a small mountain at 338m/0.21 mile high and one of the many mountains visible from downtwon Seoul. Trail head: Dongnimmum Subway Station, Line 3, Exit 2.
Meetup: Climbing in Korea
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings. Hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking, rafting and rock climbing.
Hiking in Seoul: Bukhan-san
Samgak-san, one of main peaks(836m/0.52 mile high) in Bukhansan National Park, is the most visited half-day hiking course. Trail head: Dobongsan Station, Line 1,there are always fellow hikers to follow to the trail head.
Korea Forest Service
Official website of the Korea Forest Service. 100 noted mountains and hidden mountains in Korea, mountaineering rules and information on national recreation forests.
KOTRI.org conducts initiatives to protect, preserve and maintain South Korean crags. Also provide climbers with an opportunity to contribute and become a part of the South Korean climbing community.
Seoul City Walking Tour
See the tourist attractions of Seoul on a guided walking tour. Walkable downtown Seoul features many top tourist attractions. Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri(09:00-18:00).
Seoul Hash Harriers
Hash harriers in Seoul. Drinking and running club. Meet new friends and make new friends.
Hiking in Seoul: Gwanak-san
Located on the southern part of Seoul, Gwanak-san(629m/0.39 mile high) half day trip is very popular hiking spot. Trail Head: Gwacheon Station, Line, 4, Exit 7, walk straight out of exit 7 & take a left at the main intersection, you will see the gate
Seoul Hiking Group
Check out what Seoul Hiking Group is up to! Click on the Seoul Hiking Facebook Page to join an event.
Korea in the Clouds: A Guide to Hiking Koreas Mountains
Korea in the Clouds: A Guide to Hiking Korea's Mountains. Useful information and guidelines for hiking Korea's mountains.
Korea Mountain Preservation League
A non-profit organization which helps preserve mountains in Korea. Great volunteer opportunities.
Hiking in Seoul: Dobong-san
Dobong-san with a height of 739m/0.46 miles is a part of Bukhansan National Park on the northern perisperies of Seoul. Trail Head: Dobongsan Subway Station, Line 1,7, you will not miss fellow hikers to follow to the trail head.