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Ever take a program/do a degree, earn a ... 0 General
I'm conducting a survey-based research project this May as a component of one of my doctoral courses. Spe...
started by: William-Stewart · last update: 1494498925 · posted: 1494498925
Global Seoul Mate Recruitment Call 2017 0 General
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting for their Global Seoul Mate program. Global Seoul Mate is a dele...
started by: Ju Yeon-Heo-896502 · last update: 1493547810 · posted: 1490663196
Expert in Change Management. 0 General
started by: TC-Donavon-896444 · last update: 1490614364 · posted: 1490614364
Email : [email protected] com We are an independent group of specialized IT professionals and data base technici...
started by: kim-joice-890565 · last update: 1487483400 · posted: 1483872053
Cravings, emotional eating 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Do you know anybody who struggle with emotional eating such as cravings ( feeling powerless when it comes to mak...
started by: Krisztina-882335 · last update: 1485666584 · posted: 1485666584
Amazing wedding Makeup 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: calvin-larry-878872 · last update: 1482740788 · posted: 1482740788
Do you know anything about weight loss s... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: calvin-larry-878872 · last update: 1482304272 · posted: 1482303155
permanent makeup in korea 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: calvin-larry-878872 · last update: 1482140531 · posted: 1482140531
Have any of you had plastic surgery on y... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello ladies. I've been considering facial plastic surgery lately, even though I'm not sure what I would w...
started by: calvin-larry-878872 · last update: 1480075216 · posted: 1480075216
Get your Lasik surgery in Korea / Free A... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Are you tired of glasses or lenses? Get your lasik & lasek surgery done in Korea. Experienced English speaki...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1478689603 · posted: 1478689603
Part time temporary job starting October... 0 General
started by: gracke · last update: 1475138056 · posted: 1475138056
Group Therapy starting this Fall 2 General
Am a U.S. licensed psychologist working in Seoul. Am bilingual in Korean and English. Will be starting group therap...
started by: dah1000 · last update: 1474391344 · posted: 1470386326
Camping in South Korea 0 Sport & Leisure
Came across this great interactive map about campsites across South Korea.  This is in English: 
started by: gracke · last update: 1473750601 · posted: 1473750601
Best Thai restaurant in Seoul? 0 Food & Drink
Hi,Can anyone recommend the best Thai restaurant in Seoul?Thanks!Ange...
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1469878464 · posted: 1469878464
Outdoor swimmng pool 0 Families & Kids
Hi,Do you know any outdoor swimming pools in Bundang?TIA, Angella
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1467838560 · posted: 1467838560
Recruiting Expats for Interview or Surve... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: Seungmin-Lee-862349 · last update: 1467095749 · posted: 1467095749
Bars or Pubs in Seoul showing Australian... 3 Food & Drink
Hi,Does anyone know of any Pubs and Bars in Seoul that show Australian Rugby League live? I am wanting to...
started by: J-KEMP-860691 · last update: 1465740693 · posted: 1464429864
Testing 2 Families & Kids
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1464782630 · posted: 1458841084
Online Survey for Foreigners Only (Not f... 0 General
Hello.This online survey is by National Research ...
started by: Seungyun-Lee-860266 · last update: 1464060439 · posted: 1464060439
South Korean TV show 0 Entertainment
South Korean TV show in North Korea
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1461636362 · posted: 1461636323
Food waste in South Korea 0 General
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1461491333 · posted: 1461491333
『Korea Rural Tourism Supporters』 Rec... 0 Non-local
started by: Johnny-Kim-857162 · last update: 1461309932 · posted: 1461309932
Cycling season 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Cycling season is almost here. Still kind of cold but went for a ride last night. Any other avid cyclers in Seoul? ...
started by: gracke · last update: 1459296738 · posted: 1457927634
Where can i buy big size shoes? 0 General
Any recommendations would be appreciated.
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1458199133 · posted: 1458199133
Spring Fever 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello! This time of year I always get hay fever! My throat gets super dry and itchy and my nose gets stuffed. And c...
started by: gracke · last update: 1457919749 · posted: 1457919749
Trash Electronic Goods 0 General
Can I throw away my old electronic goods in the regular trash bags? I have a broken laptop and this ugly massage pi...
started by: annacox · last update: 1457918756 · posted: 1457918756
Best cocktail bars in Seoul? 2 Food & Drink
Can you recommend the best cocktail bars in Seoul?
started by: Oregon Sky · last update: 1457661645 · posted: 1455882117
Boxing gym in Apgujeong Seoul? 1 Sport & Leisure
I'm working at a Hagwon near Apgujeong station. I would like to take boxing classes near my workin g place. Anyo...
started by: Oregon Sky · last update: 1457661480 · posted: 1455838800
Insadong parking lot 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
ANyone knows where is parking lot in Insadong?
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1457658727 · posted: 1457658727
Can I pick up a package at the post offi... 1 General
Hi, My friend is sending me a small box from Thailand. Can I pick up the package at the post office? Just...
started by: Kimbaptoomuch · last update: 1455893787 · posted: 1455837793
24hrs locksmith in Itaewon? 1 General
Hi all, Can anyone tell me locksmith in Itaewon?
started by: dannydanny-877613 · last update: 1455893461 · posted: 1455838012
Moving to Daejeon 0 General
Any local moval recommendation?  I have about 30 boxes. Small van would be a good fit. Thanks!
started by: fromusa-877600 · last update: 1455837529 · posted: 1455837529
sending boxes overseas 0 General
Hi, I have three boxes of books to ship to Thailand. Does anyone has a oversea shipping price chart from ...
started by: HagueW · last update: 1455833349 · posted: 1455833349
Korean Folk Village! 0 Entertainment
Hey Folks!  I need 3 person to go with me in Korean Folk Village!   Please let me know.... &nbs...
started by: eric2016 · last update: 1455624876 · posted: 1455624876
An Official English Tour Guide 1 Entertainment
Hello. My name is  Eric  (An Official Tour Specialist ) working in HTT Tour. It is a internatio...
started by: eric2016 · last update: 1455463554 · posted: 1455375556
Custom made clothes 5 General
Hello guys. Do you know any tailor that I can get custom-made clothes from? I need it for a formal event. Thank ...
started by: keeperone · last update: 1455320429 · posted: 1455319593
Seollal 7 General
Hello guys how did you spend your seollal or lunar new year? :)
started by: flowercorn · last update: 1455320310 · posted: 1455232558
Beach resorts 8 General
Hello people! My friends are coming to Seoul for a vacation next month and they suggested that we should go to a...
started by: timjack · last update: 1455146459 · posted: 1455060198
Puppet show/performance 0 Entertainment
Hey guys! I just wanted to share this. Its an event of a puppet show. If you are interested you can check the ev...
started by: Mondayborn · last update: 1455059990 · posted: 1455059990
Korean Pork Cutlet Recipe 0 Food & Drink
Looks Yummy!
started by: JOJO-877616 · last update: 1455058089 · posted: 1455058089
Instant Curry Rice 0 Food & Drink
Easy fix..
started by: JOJO-877616 · last update: 1455055813 · posted: 1455055813
Beautiful house in Austrailia 0 Entertainment
started by: JOJO-877616 · last update: 1455053453 · posted: 1455053453
How to make Bibimbap 0 Food & Drink
How to make Bibimbap:
started by: JOJO-877616 · last update: 1455053099 · posted: 1455053099
Kimchi jigae recipe 0 Food & Drink
How to cook Kimchi jigae  Ingredients: Kimchi, pork, green onion, garlic, soysauce, bean paste, pepp...
started by: JOJO-877616 · last update: 1455052845 · posted: 1455052845
Will/Inheritance 2 Financial & Legal
So me and my friends had a talk about this and we haven't got an answer about this. How does Will/Inheritance wo...
started by: jenny2-940130 · last update: 1454972063 · posted: 1454971855
Good website for killing time 6 Entertainment
What website do you visit to keep you occupied/entertained. I mostly check buzzfeed but I finish it fast. Any re...
started by: Amywang-940121 · last update: 1454971730 · posted: 1454715713
Celebrating Seollal 3 General
Hey guys! I need suggestions for celebrating the Seollal Holidays. Thanks!
started by: greencar-940149 · last update: 1454971276 · posted: 1454970621
List of dermatologists in Seoul Korea 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Check it out!
started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1454798856 · posted: 1454798856
Mailing a letter 2 General
I know that there is enough technology for us to communicate much faster than mailing, but I'm curious as to how...
started by: maybenot · last update: 1454715485 · posted: 1454715264
Vet clinic 3 Pets & Animals
Hello guys. Its the time where my dog needs a checkup. Can anyone here recommend me from their preferred vet cli...
started by: Andersonmm · last update: 1454714941 · posted: 1454714540