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ANyone knows where is parking lot in Insadong?

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Any recommendations ? I am looking for a car tire shop because mine needs replacement. Preferbly near gangnam.. Thanks guys 

started by: Andersonmm · last update: 1452400610 · posted: 1452314026

Has anyone ever ship a car from Korea to California? We are leaving Korea next year but we recently bought a new car. Would anyone know the cost for transport and taxes? What is involved in outfitting the car to meet Cali regulations?  We are figuring out the options and would be grateful for any advice.

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How can one call for taxi? Is their an app for that?

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Are they allowed? It doesn't seem like they are but I was just curious.

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I am going to Jeju and am planning to rent a car. Is my US Driver's License enough? I heard I can trade in my license for a Korean one?

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I've seen this bikes for rent especially around Yeouido, not the ones for going around the park but those outside the park where you have to pay and rent for a certain time. Does anybody know if foreigners can rent it? I tried getting one using the machine but failed. :(

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Is cross country biking or randonneuring your thing? Let's start a conversation here! Tell us all about your adventure or tips and tricks on how to enjoy the sport in Seoul or in Korea!

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Aside from online, are there places we can go to where we can check out and buy bicycles? I'm on the look out for one but I think I want to see an actual shop. Korean language is not a problem, I think I can ask a Korean friend to come with me. 

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Does anyone know a good place for renting cars in Seoul?

started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1408275765 · posted: 1408275765

Parking places in Seoul. Click the P icon and it will show the business hours and rate.http://topis.seoul.go.kr/renewal/traffic/MainFacilityInfo.jsp

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Scooter rental stores in Seoul.. No English website.http://www.br-dream.com/http://www.rockrent.co.kr/http://www.tbikerent.com/http://xn--sm2bt9nv7ak2h59nv1bp4d.com/http://www.scooter-renthing.com/http://www.r-rentcar.com/http://www.bikebada.com/

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Hello! Anyone tried renting a car in Korea? Where's a good place to do it? Recommendations?

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I plan to stay in Korea for a long time and sometimes do jobs that are far out. Buying a car seems reasonable to me but my friends are discouraging me. Anyone have an opinion on this or have thought about it as well?

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I am looking for an affordable and good quality Mountain Bike. Any recommendations ?   Price Range 100,000 Kr.Won to 250,000 Kr. Won   Regards   hassan

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Does anyone know what the story is with getting a drivers license in Korea.  My friend doesn't have a license back home but wants to take the test here and get a Korean license.  What should he do to go about this?

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Hi guys, can you suggest me some companies with reasonable price for renting car?

started by: Ye Sung · last update: 1362581902 · posted: 1362581902

Here's the link for the Driver's license examination office. http://www.seoul.go.kr/v2007/find.html

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Hello,I am going to move from my "one-room" to a bigger apartment in Seoul with on of my friends.We would like to find something about 50~80 sq. m. with 1~2 bed rooms form about 40M key deposit and 600K monthly rent.Do you know any good real-estate agency in Seoul who could help us in this task?Thank you,

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Did you know you can take your bike onto subways using special bicycle compartments? They are located in the front and rear cars, only on Sundays and holidays.

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