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South Korean TV show in North Koreahttp://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2016/04/25/South-Korea-TV-show-going-viral-in-North-Korea/7771461609006/

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Hey Folks!  I need 3 person to go with me in Korean Folk Village!   Please let me know....  happytogethertravel@gmail.com

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Hello. My name is  Eric  (An Official Tour Specialist ) working in HTT Tour. It is a international travel company in Seoul.  The agent offers that travel, food, accomodation, transportation, and interpreter service.  If you have a plan to trip, please feel free to contact me. I can provide special trip with fluent English service. Please visit our facebook, www.facebook.com/happytogethertravel or email, happytogethertravel@gmail.com Best Regards, Eric

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Hey guys! I just wanted to share this. Its an event of a puppet show. If you are interested you can check the event: http://seoul.angloinfo.com/whatson/event/8572/guignol-puppet-performance-petitfrance-gapyeon  

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Beautiful! http://www.contemporist.com/2016/02/07/design-detail-the-kitchen-in-this-home-flows-from-the-inside-to-the-outside/

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What website do you visit to keep you occupied/entertained. I mostly check buzzfeed but I finish it fast. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello guys I need help. My bestfriend has arrived from Argentina and her daughter wants to go visit a zoo. Is there any here in Seoul? If so can you tell me? Thank you.

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So my friends are planning to go for a Sled. I know there are sledding areas here in Seoul but can you help me finding one? Thank you.

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Me and my friends planned to go watch a movie this weekend. Is there one nearby Incheon? If so can you help me? Thanks.

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Anyone visited an art exhibit? Can you suggest me whats the best for you? My friend is visiting me and I'm bringing her. 

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Can anyone help me please. Where can I rent musical instrument/equipment here in seoul ? Thank you in advance.

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Anyone know any good parties going on tonight?

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I would like to try meeting new people. What are some apps that are popular here in Seoul?

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Faith in humanity restored! http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/good-samaritan-shirt-back-man-subway-article-1.2491478

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Everything I watch loads so slowly. Is it my internet connection or what?

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I recently started working for a traditional Korean company and my co-worker told me to expect to be asked to sing by our boss. I would like to not make a fool of myself... any suggestions for an easy song in Korean?

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Hey guys I was wondering what are your plans/resolutions/things to accomplish this 2016? Mine are: Good health, Travel to other country and make more friends. Share yours too and wishing Happy New Year!

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Hey guys new year is almost here! Post things that you do for it cause I need suggestions. Thanks guys !

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Hello all, My family and I will be in Seoul for New Year's Eve. Are there any fun events to go to for NYE? Thanks all!

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Art Therapy classes for foreigners and koreans. Nowdays, especially in big cities, people suffer from several mental disorders that they can not even realize. Many people feel depressed, exhausted, isolated or they just can not sleep. All you need is to find your lost strenght inside you. There is no need for medication. Just some time , some quality time, doing a hobby while talking with other people and an art therapy teacher. Enjoy your life! smile!

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