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Hello Parents! If you are looking for an English speaking Piano teacher for your kids, please email me. B.A.(Piano),  M.A.(Music Education), Teacher's  Certificate of Secondary school(grade2) of Music of Korea Korean&Canadian Permanent Resident(2008~) * I am available for traveling to my students' home near Seodaemun, Sinyongsan, Ichon subway stations. 

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If you are looking for an English speaking Piano teacher for your Kids, please email me.* B.A.(Piano),  M.A.(Music Education) &.........etc.* Korean & Canadian Permanent Resident * Your Home Lessons (near Mapo, Seodaemun, Ichon subway station)Thanks & Happy new year ^^

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Did you need an English speaking piano teacher?If you are looking for a long time experienced & qualified piano teacher for your kids, pm me.* B.A. in Piano, M.A. in Music Education and ........etc.* Korean & Canadian Permanent Resident * Student's home near Ichon, Mapo, Seodaemun subway stations can be available for my traveling piano lessons for your kids

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Hi,Do you know any outdoor swimming pools in Bundang?TIA, Angella

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Hello again. I need tips on how to impress them or just act proper around my girlfriends family. We are going to visit them and I only know few about korean traditions. Is there something that I must consider doing? Thank you :)

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Hey guys. Just wondering.. Are kids/babies allowed to have their ears pierced? Thanks for the response.

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My husband and I are pregnant and thinking about where we should have our baby. Is it cheaper to have a baby here compared to the US? Any specific hospital in Seoul you recommend?

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Hi, Can anyone recommend affordable English speaking Kindergarten near Iitaewon? Most international kindergartens are too expensive and I can't afford it. M daughter is 5 ys old and she doesn't speak any Korean. Thanks in advance!    

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Hello everyone! Let's start a discussion here about everything mommy related as an expat in Seoul. What are your challenges? Let's help each other! Post anything that you need help or tips for making our lives easier.

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Hi, I'm searching for a driving service that could bring kids to school in the morning. Has anybody heard about such an offering?

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Hi, Can you recommend English speaking international kindergarten in Bundang? Thanks!    

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After school  Art Therapy classes for children. Kids not only have fun doing a hobby, but the most important is that they stay mentaly healthy , as they have the opportunity to express themselves through art.

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Did you need an English speaking piano teacher?  B.A. (piano), M.A. (music education), B.A. (English), Canadian Permanent Resident since 2008. All levels and styles/ age: 3~12/ available area: Mapo, Yeouido, Seodaemoon, Gwang-hwa-moon  

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B.A. (Piano), M.A. (Music Education), Canadian Permanent Resident since May 2008 All Levels and Styles/ age 3 - 12 / available area: Mapo(Gongduk, Aeogae), Yongsan(Ichondong). 

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I am wondering about how other Expats go about choosing schools for their kids? Are the international schools here any good? 

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I am looking for a company who offers photography services. I am not sure where to look for one but I've always seen very nice Korean pre-nup photos. I want to have our family portrait taken, maybe outdoors, but I am not sure where to look for photographers and if it will be expensive to hire them. 

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Hi,  We have a 4 year-old who with ADHD and high functioning Autism.  Are there any schools/services in Seoul that provide ABA therapy?  Does the Seoul International School provide Special Ed classes for that age set?   Thank you so much for your help!  

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This is a very interesting article - it stirs up lots of questions in my mind. Should parents have the influence to get teachers fired? And what would count as an acceptable reason to consider firing the teacher? http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/phone/news/view.jsp?req_newsidx=175499

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If your kids have taken piano lessons in the past and eventually got bored of only playing songs from a lesson book, this might be the perfect thing for your kids. I offer fun, engaging piano lessons in your home. I am a permanent resident of Canada since 2008, so I can teach piano both English & Korean. And I have a  B.A. in Piano.And M.A.in Music Education.  I am available to go to the place in Yonsan & Mapo. Contact with me by my e-mail addres(westvan6070@naver.com)

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