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Is private tutoring for kids allowed in Seoul ? I was just curious about it. If so can you help me find cause my child has some learning difficulties.

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So me and my friends had a talk about this and we haven't got an answer about this. How does Will/Inheritance work in Seoul as for expat people? Thanks.

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Hello everyone. I just want to share this: http://seoul.angloinfo.com/information/money/income-tax/ An information of what to do with income tax. I hope this helps you.

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Our one foreign teacher just quit and it doens't seem like my school is hiring another teacher. So basically I will  get dumped with their classes too. It is only fair that I ask for a raise, but how much? How should I go about it? Is asking for a raise okay in Korean culture?

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Just curious, it doesn't seem like couponing is a thing here in Korea?

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I ordered some things from iherb and recevied a call form customs. From my limited Korean it seemd like it was about the chamomile or cinammon. I ordered the items 3 weeks ago... not sure what they're going to do now. They said some of the dried goods can't be imported. Still waiting for my package 4 weeks after it has been ordered

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Hey people! I am just curious if a foreigner (like me) have a chance to become a legal citizen here in seoul. Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Has anyone overstayed their visa by a day or 2? My visa expires on January 4 and my ticket is on the 6th. Should I bother going to immigration?

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Anyone gotten a credit card here? Want to try and get one. Please share your experience.

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Hey guys brianfrom here. Do you have some tips/tricks on how to conserve your money? I am a scholar student here near gangnam and I have problems saving my money. Hope you could share some. Thanks!

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I heard that we can get tax refunds (it's tax season right now, apparently). Does anybody know how to go about that? Do I go to the tax office in the area where I live or the area where I work? 

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Found this site, though it's slightly outdated. http://seoulistic.com/living-in-korea/cost-of-living-in-seoul-south-korea-bonus-cost-of-enjoying-it/ I read an article that Singapore is the most expensive country today in terms of living but Seoul is most expensive for food. Though, I also think that housing in here is crazy expensive. http://features.insing.com/feature/singapore-most-expensive-for-living-seoul-most-expensive-city-for-food/id-f6663101/ I was wondering if staying in Seoul is still a good choice or I should consider trying out another country (or well, just go back home.)   

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Good morning, I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a financial institute in Seoul where there is a good expat service? For example a place with English speaking staff and good deals for transferring money abroad. Look forward to hearing your responses.    

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Hello there!  I haven't been in Seoul long, and I've been hearing rumors that foreigners can't get credit cards here. Is that true? 

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I'm having money sent rom the US to Korea and my co-wroker mentioned I need a swift code. Anyone have any idea on this?

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My friend is in need of legal aid. Any suggestions on English-speaking lawyers? Hopefully not someone who charges an arm and a leg for it.

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