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Scholarship Opening:Greetings from the Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul (PSPS), Yeungnam University. Yeungnam University was founded by PARK Chung Hee, forrmer President of Republic of Korea and has been one of the leading private universities in Korea since its founding in 1947. We have established the Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul to offer insight to President Park’s leadership and major policies and to educate global leaders. It is our aim that these leaders will substantially contribute to the development of sustainable solutions for poverty and the co-prosperity of the global community based on the analysis of and reflection on the miraculous economic development of Korea. The PSPS offers Master’s degrees in Saemaul Theory and Practice, International Development Cooperation, Forest Resources and Ecological Restoration through the Department of Saemaul and Public Policy and Leadership through the Department of Public Policy and Leadership. The programs are taught by an outstanding academic faculty with specialized research competence and hands-on experience in ideal learning conditions. The PSPS will welcome students from all over the world and international students are eligible for full tuition scholarship, including a monthly stipend (approximately US $900 per month) for one year and priority consideration for on-campus housing: It depends on the Scholarships.The PSPS is hoping to have many applicants from among those who want to play pivotal roles in eradicating global poverty, improve the quality of life globally, and develop increased dedication to global co-prosperity and care for humanity.We greatly appreciate your on-going support of this important academic initiative and hope that you will be able to recommend exemplary government officers, professors, students, community leaders and politicians from your country to apply for our programs.Sincerely,PARK Seung Woo, Ph. D.DeanThe Park Chung Hee School of Policy and SaemaulYeungnam UniversityPS: The document is a huge file. If interested, please leave your email.

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AC Bus Rental Service - within and outside city as wellas long or short tours packages.

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Hello!I am offering violin/viola lessons in Seoul. I have been teaching in both Korea and the US for more than 20 years including university prep, afterschool programs, and music academies. I have lots of experience teaching students in all levels and ages. I have a Doctorate degree in violin performance and am a Suzuki certified teacher. I can teach music reading as well as music theory. I am an open-minded, outgoing, and flexible person. I am also very passionate about teaching. Beginners are extremely welcome!!! My studio is located in Gangnam, Seoul.As of February 2019, I still do take students so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM/email me or visit my facebook page at www.facebook.com/suhnahyuSeoul 

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting for their Global Seoul Mate program. Global Seoul Mate is a delegation of foreigners who create and share content that show off Seoul's charms to the world. The program is open to all foreign nationals legally residing in Korea (no age restrictions) and there are some really cool benefits and prizes. Some of the benefits are a small monthly allowance, free FAM tours of Seoul, and free and discounted tickets to shows in Seoul. There will be year-end individual prizes and prizes include round trip airfare to Seoul, an iPad mini, and more. The application period is open until April 17th and you can apply at the link: Global Seoul MateFor questions, send an email to staff AT seoulwelcome.com

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As a highly-experiencedconsultant, I assists selected Clients to achieve success ontheir Change Programs. I am anexpert in Change Management. I specialize in delivering extraordinary insightsneeded by executives to help them face their challenges by helping them framethe issues in a manageable way; based on my extensive and focused experience. Itake complicated concepts and turn them into easy-to-understand principles for executives.I bringproven, research based techniques to every engagement as well as my longexperience as an executive with international organizations. I have firsthandexperience in leading change and how executive management’s leadership makesthe difference. So, if you want to position your organization as a leader intoday’s hyper competitive marketplace, I can help you in making the change youwant to take your organization to the next level.If you are simply not sure what todo, or need some help and advice to improve your business, contact me attcdonacon@gmail.com. We can schedule a call and I’ll help you to identifyyour most challenging issues and help you take your business to where you wantit to go.

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We are a catering and food service company which opened in Seoul, South Korea 4.5 years ago. Right now we plan to start expanding and boosting our sales.We are looking for a Sales, public relations and marketing manager and would support us in this growing period during only 2 months, 4 hours daily during the weekdays.We suggest the potential candidates to visit our web page: www.tamalesinkorea.com and acknowledge our company profile before applying, be able to make a cover letter which would fit our requirements, let us know about your profile and goals and meet the requirements of the job description.Monthly salary: 800,000 won Schedule: 4 hours daily (working during the weekdays)This would be a part time job from October 20th to December 20thWorking with: our executive chef and our general directorDuties: -To look for online and printed media which could be helpful for us to advertise.-Improve the performance of our web page in the search engines-Build a bigger network of our clients through public relations, networking, etc.-Create ads and campaigns in the social media and track its performance-Daily answer info requests of our customers received through our contact form-Get the feedback of our clients and discuss it in a weekly meeting with our executive chef-Create a database of potential customers for cooking courses and consulting services-Create a database of our existing clients-Work with our webmaster continuously improving our web pageSend us your CV and cover letter to tamalesinkorea@tamalesinkorea.com. Only candidates shortlisted for an interview will be contacted!Thanks

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Am a U.S. licensed psychologist working in Seoul. Am bilingual in Korean and English. Will be starting group therapy for those wanting support for mental health & acculturation issues. PM me if interested.

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Hello.This online survey is by National Research Institute, KCTI(Korean Culture and Tourism Institute), having a purpose to know the comprehenshion level of foreigners about the regional brans in Korea. It is only for studying the perspectives of foreigners about the Korean regional brands which are in English.With 19 questions to answer, it will take you for less than 5 mins.With best wishes, Thank you.* To do the survey : http://www.moaform.com/answers/M1vGZR/welcome (Mobile available)

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South Korea cuts food waste with 'pay as you trash'http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/south-korea-cuts-food-waste-with-pay-as-you-trash

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Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Can I throw away my old electronic goods in the regular trash bags? I have a broken laptop and this ugly massage pillow that my dad found somewhere. And two broken hairdryers. I feel environmentally guilty just throwing them in the trash, but I also don't want to have to pay to get them thrown away either. Also is there an old cell phone recycling center? I don't know what to do with my broken Galaxy 4. 

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Hi, My friend is sending me a small box from Thailand. Can I pick up the package at the post office? Just wondering if this is possible.

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Hi all, Can anyone tell me locksmith in Itaewon?

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Any local moval recommendation?  I have about 30 boxes. Small van would be a good fit. Thanks!

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Hi, I have three boxes of books to ship to Thailand. Does anyone has a oversea shipping price chart from the post office? Is there any other cheaper ways to ship than post office service? Thanks!          

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The month of love is here! Sharing is caring so maybe you can reply on what are your plans to celebrate it? Advanced Valentine's Day to all ^^.

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Hello guys. Do you know any tailor that I can get custom-made clothes from? I need it for a formal event. Thank you.  

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Hello guys how did you spend your seollal or lunar new year? :)

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Hi all, This is Angloinfo Admin! So far we have been focusing on facts and information about expat life in Seoul, however, we would like to promote the jobs search and jobs sections page as well. We have always had classifieds but it's not so popular.  I encourage you all to update your resumes here and I'll also get recruiters to post their available jobs. We will use our other social media platforms to boost the jobs as well.  This is all a FREE SERVICE. So please, tell your friends, use our classifieds section to post JOBS and RESUMES. 

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Hello people! My friends are coming to Seoul for a vacation next month and they suggested that we should go to a beach resort. Can you help me finding one? Thanks :).

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