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Is there any support for those who are struggling with emotional eating in Korea or even a need for support?

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The best mom and baby magazine providing you pregnancy tipsthat will make your experience memorable with Parental Guidance throughout each step of motherhood.Expert parental guidance

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The best mom and baby magazine providing you pregnancy tipsthat will make your experience memorable with Parental Guidance throughout each step of motherhood.

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Has any male or female member of this site ordered a custom-made hair piece or wig from KTS in Seoul on-line? In any event, the retailer fails to deliver on what he claims he can provide for the male consumer: a custom fit and/or exact replica of one's existing hair system. In other words, he isn't telling the truth. In my experience, the mould and exact model of an existing system model which I provided him with for the production of a new, identical system failed to configure and match. And although the retailer, Michael Kim/Daniel Son, offered to exchange the unit, the next one he sent me was even less configured to my scalp and just as mismatched as the first one. Further, the frontal section was damaged, which the retailer must have noticed before shipping the item to me. So, there couldn't have been any error involved in the production of the unit. Evidently, the retailer does not deliver on his offer. I should add, that his before and after photos are swiped from other companies. I recently noticed two that belong to Hair Hub in the UK. There's a 60 day refund-exchange policy in place, but it's no good if one has already tried to cut and fit the system which I had done. But only by having gone so far, could I notice the disfiguration of the base. Moreover, a reputable retailer later advised me to keep away from on-line companies that offer a refund for custom-made orders, especially if it's up to 60 days. The manager assured me, if there's a refund offer, then the hair system isn't custom made.  Normally, only exchanges are offered by legitimate offline companies. Sales are normally final. KTS might not even refund the consumer their money, seeing how untrustworthy it can be. Besides, after 20 days of purchase, Pay Pal will not arbitrate any dispute, should the retailer renege on his refund offer. That 40 day difference could make a big difference if the consumer needs help.

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Hi everyone, I need to put quite a few crowns. Started a process in Oaks Dental clinic in Gangnam, but am really unhappy with the arrogant attitude I received. They made me pay half of the entire treatment in advance. But now i just want to get my money back and finish the process elsewhere. Can anyone please recommend a very good dentist to do that kind of work? Please help. I am very new in Seoul and don't trust adds on the internet after this disappointing case.bestalona

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Do you know anybody who struggle with emotional eating such as cravings ( feeling powerless when it comes to make food choices. Defeated by the feelings of wanting to eat) or too stressed to eat, scared of food. Or have been on all the possible diets that are out there but still unable to keep the weight off. Where do these people find help?

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If you want qualified experts for your original eyebrows,Wish & Co. has a variety of dependable ones identified for high-qualityexecution who proffer you the logically striking eyebrows matching with the shadeof your eyebrow hair strands. A first-class eyebrow embroidery in Korea throughthis beauty salon will make you invigorate your childlike look. It is very importantthat you authenticate what nature of look, arc or depth you want. http://wishandco.kr/

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PitanguiLee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy perform cosmetic improvements such as fullerlips, permanent makeup and shapely brows.  Pitangui knows that thousands ofwomen want some processes to get a stunning face. That is why the finetechnicians of this academy strive hard to make women attain that look. Anyonecan make the brows and lips look outstanding with a little makeup, but women needthe ideal pout or an arched eyebrow. So, permanentmakeup in Korea needs the skillof a doctor and the opinion of an artistanybudy have want more information please visit this sites http://www.kspmu.com/

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Hello people. I'm just curious to ask if getting a tattoo in korea is safe? I mean is there a law or something that is about having tattoos?

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Hello ladies. I've been considering facial plastic surgery lately, even though I'm not sure what I would want, but would like to hear from others first.

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Are you tired of glasses or lenses? Get your lasik & lasek surgery done in Korea. Experienced English speaking doctor. Free pick up service if you sign up this form.http://www.gloryseoul.co.kr/new_event/offline/event_138.php

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Have you hadacupuncture treatment in Korea before? What about herbal treatment? Even if younever had prior experience, we want to hear about your views and experiences ofTraditional Korean Medicine.  We cordiallyinvite you to participate in a focus-group interview or an online survey beingconducted from July, 2016. This study is aimed to understand the perceptions andexperiences of Traditional Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) among foreigners so that we may betterincorporate the needs and values of patients from different countries. Thefocus group will be scheduled at a time convenient for interested participants. Also, we know that taking time out of your busy schedule to come in for an interview is bothersome. Therefore, participants inthe focus group interview will receive a full FREE Korean Medical Steam Therapysession at Kyung Hee University Medical Center along with a 20% discount onmedical examinations. Those participating in the survey will also receive a 20%discount on medical examinations being conducted at Kyung Hee UniversityMedical Center. If you areinterested, please contact Dr. Seungmin Kathy Lee at: Phone :(02)958-9124, Email: seungminnie@gmail.com. PrincipalInvestigator: Dr. Seungmin Kathy Lee (Fellow at the Department of Acupunctureand Moxibustion, Kyung Hee University Korean Medicine Hospital)Co-Investigator:Dr. David B. Miller (Associate Professor at the Mandel School of Applied SocialSciences, Case Western Reserve University)

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Cycling season is almost here. Still kind of cold but went for a ride last night. Any other avid cyclers in Seoul? Are there any cycle meetups for expats? 

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Hello! This time of year I always get hay fever! My throat gets super dry and itchy and my nose gets stuffed. And coughing lasts for about two months! Everyone always thinks it's a cold, but it's spring allergies. I don't like taking medication because it makes me groggy and puts me in a bad mood. But it's also hard to endure because I have to speak a lot for work. Anyone have natural remedies you can recommend? 

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Check it out! http://seoul.angloinfo.com/af/572/seoul-dermatologists.html

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Hello. I am searching for Gym/Fitness classes and I wanna know if you guys can recommend me the ones that you attended. Thank you :)

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Hi all. I need help with my sore throat. I have a presentation and it bothers me because my sore throat is on for 2 days. It seems like it won't go away. Any remedies/effective medicine for it? Thank you.

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Anyone has been to a spa? Can you recommend some for me? Planning to treat my mother and bring her to a spa. Any help is appreciated. :)

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Hi,  How much would it cost to pull wisdom teeth?  Is it covered by insurance?  Can I just visit any dental clinic near my neighbor or shall I visit a specialist? Thanks in advance for your help.

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