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Dealsma best coupons and deals site

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So yeah christmas is over and I thought I have enough space to keep my christmas tree for but unfortunately its not. How can I environmentally dispose my Christmas tree? Suggestions?

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What are good apartment plants and their corresponding Korean names? I want to bring some life into my apartment.

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I was thinking of adding new furniture for my house. Where can I buy it from ? Will truly appreciate if its cheaper. Thanks a lot! :)

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Hi, I just recently got to Korea and am looking into my options for wifi. Is my passport enough to apply for internet or will I have to wait for my ARC? I'm leaching off of a cafe at the moment so I want my own asap.

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Are they worth the money? I'm thinking of buying one for the Winter. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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My other foreigner friends say that electricity is pretty cheap here in Korea. How much does your monthly bill cost in the winter and summer? I expect the gas to be more expensive during the winter because of gas but I wonder how much the electricity bill is for other people during the summer.

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I'm looking for a place to drop off some clothes and household items -- kitchen stuff, toiletries, etc. I don't want to go to multiple places and I don't have the patience to sell them on Craigslist. Is there a Goodwill or equivalent here in Seoul?

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Hey--i'm looking for a clothes donation place. I know Seoul Swap, but it's kind of far for me. Is there another place on the West side of the city? Where do people leave their clothes they don't want?

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Hi guys, it's getting cold out now! I'm trying to stick it out as long as I can but I'm wondering how many of you have already turned on your heater?

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Do people here ever bother putting up Christmas decor? If so, where do you buy them?

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Has anyone tried feeding their cats grass? I did it in the US but was wondering how the quality here is? If so, where did you buy yours?

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I have an old toaster that I want to get rid of. Can I just leave it out? My boyfriend tells me I can;t do that or else I'll incur a fine. Any ideas?

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What do you do to kill mosquitoes? They are killing me 

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The landlord - an old lady - came into my apartment the other day without notice. I was on the couch napping when I suddenly heard keys and then the door opening. It was my landlord. She was taking off her shoes and saying that she has to check something wire-related. I (She) was lucky I wasn't doing anything funky when she came in. Has this hapened to you, too?

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Can anyone recommend an english speaking moving company for a move within Gangnam?(Daechi to Banpo)

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I am looking for housekeeping for two times a week. Person need to know Enlgish and be able to iron too. IF you are interested please write on my email: milenachilinska@yahoo.com or call me at 010-4921-1533

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I absolutely hate it and can't stand to live with the filthy stuff anymore! But our landlord would like to try to get rid of it first before he let's us out of our contract. We have about 6 more months to go. Any ideas out there? Has anyone else had this issue?

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Howa can I donate used furniture in Seoul?

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