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Hello guys. Its the time where my dog needs a checkup. Can anyone here recommend me from their preferred vet clinic? Thanks.

started by: Oregon Sky · last update: 1453155019 · posted: 1452550799

I am an animal lover and I am super passionate! I would love to spend some time at an animal shelter. Do you guys know animal shelter in Gangnam or Seocho? I can travel anywhere in Seoul but prefer a shelter near me.  

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I know there are dog/cat cafes in seoul. I wanna try but I need help finding it. Anyone?

started by: Missme-940117 · last update: 1452642092 · posted: 1452540248

Where can I go to buy a pet. Preferably near busan. Thank you :))

started by: Andersonmm · last update: 1452020579 · posted: 1451935163

I want to give my dog more space to run because he seems to be bored when in a leash. Where can I go if I wanted to see a pet park?

started by: Michael-940115 · last update: 1451507589 · posted: 1428545389

Does anybody use this? I usually have enough time (go home and leave at fairly normal times) but these days I need to work until late. Any recommendations where I can buy one for my dog? Nothing fancy, something that does the trick is fine. I searched online but I'm not sure how good they really are. Some reviews from other pet owners would be great. Thanks!

started by: tiara2014 · last update: 1451326350 · posted: 1425656755

Hello, I would like to adopt a dog. Does anyone know of any good rescue shelters? Or has anyone had experience of adopting a dog in Korea? Thanks for your help.

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Has anyone used a pest management company for their home and been able to obtain advice and service about applying pesticides safely to proctect your pets?

started by: chiragjain · last update: 1451231485 · posted: 1448623291

Hey there,    I am a huge cat fan, but I am not sure if it is a good idea to host a cat here in Korea. What do you guys think?

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I want to buy clothes for my pomeranian and I'm wondering where other pet lovers buy clothes and other pet accessories for their furry friends. I saw clothes stands in Myeongdong but they're very expensive!

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Does anyone have any recommendations for pet minding services? I'd like to find a kind, friendly dog lover to treat my pup as their own while I'm away. I'll be out of Korea about 3 times this year so I'd like to find a reliable person/ group to leave my baby with. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks in advance

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This was a question submitted to the Itaewon Global Center that they included in their newsletter. I wonder, do you think it's fair that you must report lost animals to the "Dong" (local office), and then 'get in line' to adopt the animal and possibly pay adoption fees? Q: My wife and I were strolling at the park when we found a lost puppy. We tried to find its owner by posting an advertisement on Facebook, but after two weeks nobody got in touch with us about the puppy so we decided to keep her instead. Is there a way for us to officially adopt this puppy?  A: According to Article 6 of Animal Protection Act, if a stray dog or abandoned dog (or any kind of animal) is found in a public area (road, park, etc.) first, you must report about the abandoned pet (???? ??) at the local Dong Office (????) or District Office (??). This dog will then be put in the city’s listed animal protective facilities (??????). The facility will have to put up an advertisement (??) about the lost dog in seven days. If you don’t report this to any of these local government offices, and just keep the puppy (or any pet) without formal registration you may be fined of not exceeding KRW 5,000,000. If after 10 days from the day of filing the report at the local government office and its owner has not turned up to claim the puppy, you may adopt the dog by getting in touch with the facility. Each facility has its own adoption process (?? ??), but most facilities require a copy of your ID and you must also prepare all necessary items that the dog may need. Other facilities may also require you to undergo series of interview or answer a compatibility check list to ensure that you can take care of the dog properly. After that, you can sign the adoption agreement (?? ???).    Note: Some adoption centers may ask for adoption fees. Also, since most animal protective facilities don’t have English-speaking staff, it will be better if you can bring a Korean friend with you to help with the translation.    Source: Animal Protection Management System http://www.animal.go.kr) 

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Hello there, fellow travelers. Has anyone brought a pet to Seoul? A friend of mine is coming and wants to know how difficult it is to get her dog in the country. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Is there a 24 hour clinic around Hongdae? My 6 month-old Jindo mix seems a little unwell and I would like to be prepared in case something happens. Any recommendations?

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Does anyone know of any pet-friendly pension? Thanks in advance!

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I have seen a lot of stray cats and a few dogs recently. Does anyone know where there are any animal shelters around in Seoul? Do they even exist here?

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Can someone please recommend me a vet around Hongdae? I see a lot around but I want to see someone that foreigners have also tried and someone who can also speak English. I have 2 cats and just moved here from Dongdaemun

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I have two 2 month old kittens ready for a good home. I already have 2 cats so I can't keep them. Let mw me know if you're interested.

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"On July 16th, Yangju shelter got a phone call from a person who found a dog in a garbage bag. The witness was passing by and heard something groaning in pain. It was coming from a garbage bag, and he/she found the dog inside it. The dog was almost dead and she was on her way to Karma shelter, the biggest kill shelter in Korea, when Yangju shelter heard of her and tried to pull her out from Karma. Yangju had to beg to rescue the dog and brought her to the vet in Jamsil right away.As you can imagine, the dog had feral damage on its head with broken skull and torn ligament on her neck...." --- How is it possible for humans to be so cruel to another living thing?? The dog is being taken care of by the shelter but they need help to pay the bills. Click the link to read about Ali. https://www.facebook.com/events/334930189971343/

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Going on vacation soon. Does anyone know a pet hotel in Seoul?

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