Goat Basketball Games

Every Wed


We are simply hoopers who are on a mission to build a platform for natives and foreigners alike in their love for the game of basketball.

OUTDOOR SCHEDULE: March - September Midweek Basketball on Wednesday evenings are outdoor pick-up games that have proven to be quite the stress reliever for many. Games start around 6 or 7 pm and go on until the last person legs give up.

Saturday Basketball are also outdoor pick-up games that are scheduled in the mornings as players usually have personal matters to tend to towards the evening. Though the early scheduling on Saturday seems trying, the turnouts are always successful.

We also host Bromance Night on Tuesdays where we go out on the town for a good meal and drink with the gang.

INDOOR SCHEDULE: October - February We reserve and open up a local gym to our community either on Saturday or Sunday. Any additional funds that have been raised have been donated via Unicef to help out those who are in need after the Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines. Our winter schedule also includes team scrimmages during the week with other local basketball teams as hosts. Participants for these games are selected from our pool of players by management based on availability and position needs. Check out their website for the schedule.