International Pillow Fight Flash Mob in Seoul

from Apr 8th 2017 to Apr 8th 2017


BangawoYo Tours is challenging you to a Pillow Fight! 
This is your chance to get out and let out some aggression on those harmless pillows of yours. (and a reason to buy new ones!), So drag your friends along for a battle royale like you've never seen before! Come to the Han river park with a "concealed" pillow.

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm.

Location: Han River Park.

03:00pm: Arrive at the Han River Park at the designated time with a "concealed" pillow.
And wait for the signal (The signal is a patriotic giraffe)
More details for the location will be updated soon.
04:00pm: Fight!!!
05:00pm: Clean up
08:00pm: Join us for the after party in Hongdae!((TBA)
Feathers will fly everywhere, so let's practice leave no trace for this event. Please be prepared to CLEAN UP afterwards. If a pillow breaks, you are welcome to keep fighting BUT ’help clean up the mess’ after! We will bring garbage bags!
We will meet at approximately 03:00pm with a 04:00pm signal. The idea is to get to a public place when a crowd is present (but its not packed).