Jindo Sea Parting Festival and Green Tea Hills_clone

from Fri 28th Apr to Sun 30th Apr


Jindo Sea Parting Festival is one of the most unique Korean festivals you can visit and we will visit Boseong Green Tea Fields for amazing photo opportunities and you will have a chance to pick leaves and make green tea yourself at a special Green Tea Plantation.


4/28 (Fri)
9:00PM Suwon Station Pickup Possible
11:00PM Depart 교대역 (Seoul National Univ of Education Station Exit #14) (This is NOT Seoul National Univ Station)
11:15PM Jukjeon Freeway Bus Stop Pickup
11:30PM Anseong Rest Stop (Pyeongtaek Area)

4/29 (Sat)
12:05AM Mang Hyang (망향) Rest Stop (Cheonan Area)
1:00AM Daejeon Pickup 
5:00AM Jindo Festival with Torch Walk
7:00AM Finish Festival (Handout Muffins)
Three Options: 1. Stay on Bus till Lunch 2. Pitch Tent on the Beach (approved) 3. Check in Early (15k extra)
2:30PM Check In Guesthouse (could be sooner) (will post room #s available on this trip page real time)
2:45PM Boat to Modo Island (or Stay at Festival Side)
6:00PM Sea Parting Begins (Join the Parade from Modo!)
7:00PM Sea Parting!
8:00PM Korean Slightly Spicy Pork Buffet Style Dinner at Hostel
9:00PM Live Events at the Festival

4/30 (Sun)
7:45AM Breakfast Burritos! (till 9:30AM)
9:00AM Bus A departs
9:30AM Bus B and Busan Bus departs
10:00AM Bus B and Busan Bus arrives Jindo Dog Show
11:00AM Bus A arrives Green Tea Hills
Green Tea Lunch Options 
12:30PM Bus A Green Tea Plantation (Optional - Bus A Only)
1:00PM Bus B and Busan Bus arrives Green Tea Hills
2:30PM Bus B Departs for Seoul
2:30PM Bus A Departs for Seoul
4:15PM Daejeon Drop Off
6:15PM Bus A and Bus B arrive Seoul

Please be at the pickup point early. We cannot wait.
The schedule may be changed depending on unpredictable conditions. Actual arrival times may be different.


The Basic Cost of this trip is 84,000 KRW if deposit on or before 3/1 and includes:
1. Round Trip Private Chartered Bus
2. One Nights Stay at Guest house/Minbak with Amazing Ocean View and Private Showers and Shared Ondol Room
3. Entry to Jindo Festival (5,000 won value)
4. WINK ONLY EXCLUSIVE: Private Boat to Mordor Island Special Sea-Parting Parade Walk
5. Korean Pork Dinner at Lodging Buffet Style
5. Amazing Breakfast Burritos!
6. Entry to Boseong Green Tea Fields
7. Trip Leaders

Add 3,000 per person per night for 4 people to share a 4 Person Room in Jindo (2 or 3 person rooms are not available). If you are not a group of 4 you would be assigned to the larger room.
Add 15,000 for Green Tea Plantation Experience.
Add 10,000 for 3 Pale Ale Beer Coupons
Add 15,000 to check in at 7AM after Torch Walk

Starting 3/2 and on or before 3/14 the Basic Cost of trip is 89,000 KRW
Starting 3/15 on or before 3/28 the Basic Cost of trip is 93,000 KRW
Starting 3/29 and before 4/11 the Basic Cost of trip is 96,000 KRW
Starting 4/12, the cost of this trip is 99,000 KRW.