Zsofia Boros: A Day in November

from Nov 25th 2017 to Nov 25th 2017


Hungarian guitarist Zsofia Boros comes to Korea for the first time. Zsófia Boros’ guitar playing is subtle and restrained, accompanied by a melancholy grace.

 Date: November 25, 2017.

 Time: 5:00pm.

 Venue: Mapo Arts Center(28 Daeheung-ro 28-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul).

 Ticket Price: 40,000won for all seats.


Leo Brouwe               A Day in November,

Mathias Duplessy      Cavalcado, Nocturne,

Jorge Cardoso           Milonga,

Ralph Towner             Green and Golden,

Egberto Gismonti       Celebracao De Nupcias,

Quique Sinsei             El Abrazo, Cielo Abierto,

Baden Powell              Prelude in A Minor,

Wolfgang Muthspiel    Seven Short Pieces,

Carlo Domeniconi       Koyunbada.

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