Tours & Visits

Korea Ski Tour: Sky Tour from Nov 15th 2017 to Feb 28th 2018
Korea Ski Tour provides ski package tour, ski bus reservation and  sky tour to Yongpyoung Resort, Alpensia Resort, Yangji Pine Resort, Jisan Forest Resort, Phoenix Park Resort, Konjiam Resort, Daemyung Resort, and more.           ...
Wink: Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Game 2018 from Feb 9th 2018 to Feb 22nd 2018
This winter, go with WinK to experience and have access to the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics. We've got you covered. The games, the tickets, the transportation, the lodging, dinner events, even campfire by the beach. And we will take you to places beyond just the Olympics. Pick and choose th...