Air Conditioning & Heating

okonoff Company
Manufacture and sale of products including HVAC auto-controlling products, floor-heating products, auto-control products, home intelligence systems. Office 1214, 67 Hongcao Building, 421 Hongcao Road.
Songz Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd
Research, development, manufacture and marketing of air conditioners for both personal cars and public trains. 4999 Huaning Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Park.
HAYE (Shanghai) Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd
Specializes in air-conditioning research, development, production, engineering services and sale. Taopu Road, Huangdu Industrial Park, Jiading.
Shanghai Suptech Industry Co., Ltd
Specializes in floor heating systems, air conditioning systems, water treatment systems and other related services. Room 217, 1068 Maotai Road, Changning.
Shanghai Greenwave Biotechnology Company
Water filters, air purifiers, and drinking water solutions for the home and commercial buildings. Room 102 Lane 256 West Beijing Road. Located in Huangpu district.
Shanghai Kaili Air Conditioning Appliance Co., Ltd
Manufacture of various types of central air-conditioning equipment and parts. Puwei Road, Industrial Comprehensive Zone, Zhuanghang, Fengxian.
Shanghai ShineLong Air Conditioning Co., Ltd
Specializes in vents, air diffusers and fire dampers for air conditioning systems. 10/F Lane 18, Gufang Road, Minhang, Shanghai 201102.
Shanghai Zian Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd
Provides sale and maintenance of household electric appliances and air conditioning equipment. 1485 Yixian Road, Baoshan.
Shanghai Futian Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd
Manufactures parts for central air-conditioning systems. 488 Guangzhong, Minhang.
Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd
Producer of air conditioning compressors. 347 Ma Dang Road.
Shanghai Grand Ocean Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd
Specializes in hose, hard pipes and other air conditioning system accessories. 3051 Jia An Road, Jia Ding.
Shanghai Sealey Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd
Products include normal air conditioners, solar hybrid air conditioners, elevator air conditioners, elevator air conditioners, dehumidifiers and heat pumps. 821 Baziqiao Road, Fengpu Town, Fengxian.
Shanghai Velle Automobile Air Conditioner Co., Ltd
Products include compressors, various types of evaporators and condensers, air conditioner control systems and thermal expansion valves. 1 WeiLe Road, Jiufu Economic Development Zone, Jiuting, Songjiang.