Cycling & Mountain Biking

SISU Cycling Group
Cycling group for expats in Shanghai. Interests include in exercise, travel and networking. Organizes trips for sightseeing in China. 718 Huamu Road. Located in Pudong District.
Specialized Riders Club
Seeks to promote cycling by connecting riders and hosting Specialized Riders Club rides and events around Shanghai. 221 West Jianguo Road, Xuhui.
China Cycle Tours
Specializes in guided city and countryside biking tours with routes in Shanghai, Suzhou and the surrounding mountains and countryside. 52 Lane, 358 Huaihai Road.
Bohdi Adventure
Provides half day, one day, 2-3 day trips for biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Building 15, 3F, 271 Qian Yang Road.
Prodigy Cycling Club
Providing outdoor cycling activities. 3D, Building 1, 833 Huai Hai Zhong Road.