Days Out: Trips & Tours

Gongqing Forest Park
Natural wildlife park. Holiday and conference facilities, gardens, lakes, bamboo forest, and over 30 entertainment facilities. No. 2000 Jungong Road. Located in Yangpu District.
Tian Zi Fang
Arts and crafts street in French Concession Area, Shanghai. Craft stores, alleyways, coffee shops, and art studios. No. 210 Taikang Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Hengshan Leisure Street
Entertainment area including bars, restaurants and night clubs. Also near to The Community Church and bowling alley. Formerly a residential area with many mansions converted in the 1990s. Hengshan Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Shanghai Film Studios Tour
Film studios tours. Costume and props exhibition, stunts shows, tram car tours on 1930s Nanjing Road. Tour guides for groups and restaurants available. No. 4915 Dongdun Town Beisong Main Road. Located in Songjiang District.
Sanshan Guild Hall
Guild hall building preserved from late Qing Dynasty. Exhibitions include Shanghai history wall, antique architecture, Three Armed Uprisings, Inner and Outer Town. Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00. No. 1551 Zhongshan South Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Shanghai Art Museum
An art gallery in a century-old historical building. Opening:09:00-17:00. 325 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai.
City Sightseeing Tour Bus
Double-decker tour bus visiting many sights in Shanghai with two route options. Includes stops or tours through Shanghai art museum, The Bund, Nanjing Dong Lu, Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum and Xintiandi locations. Purchase tickets on bus or online.
Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center
Exhibition center. Automobile expositions, exhibitions, displays, conferences and business meetings. Open 10:00-17:00. No. 7575 Boyuan Road near Moyu Road. Located in Jiading District.
Prodigy Moganshan Outdoor Base
Outdoor activity travel lodge. Activities include swimming, climbing, cycling, boating, camping and tea picking. Rooms and food menu services available. 3D Building 1 No. 833 Huaihai Zhong Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Lujiazui Central Greenland
Park area as well as tourist attractions including Lujiazui Central Green Space, waterfront, Lujiazui Ring Road and Yincheng Middle Road. No. 15 Lujiazui Dong Lu near Century Ave. Located in Pudong District.
Shanghai Customs House
Responsible for import and export surveillance according to customs laws of the Peoples Republic of China. No.13 Zhongshan Dongyi Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
Ancient town in Shanghai. Attractions include Kezhi garden, Qianhua Art Gallery, Ah Pos Tea house, and Great Qing Post Office. No. 36 Zhujiajiao Town Meizhou Road. Located in Qingpu District.
Huaihai Road Commercial Street
Shopping street in Shanghai city. Boutiques, department stores, and shopping malls. Hotels and restaurants. Covers 5,500 meters. Huaihai Middle Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Ancient Water Towns of Fengjing
An ancient water town more than 1,500 years old featuring historical houses surrounded by rivers, many bridges, temples and small lanes.
Bund Valentine Wall
Built in Huangpu Park and the wall is 1700m across. Originally for the purpose of preventing flooding, but became popular attraction for couples in the 1970s and 1980s. Sightseeing platforms. No. 500 Zhongshan Dongyi Road. Located in Huangpu District
Jade Buddha Temple
Buddhist temple featuring two jade Buddha statues from Burma and one marble Buddha statue from Singapore. 08:00-16:30, 170 Anyuan Road, Jing An District, Shanghai.
Longhua Martyrs Cemetery
Behind Longhua Temple. Memorial to those who died under Kuomintang regime under leadership of Chiang Kai-Shek before the formation of Peoples Republic of China in 1949. No. 180 Longhua West Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Nanshi Old Town Mid-Lake Pavillion Teahouse
Old town of Shanghai called Nanshi. Southwest of the Bund. Attractions include Huxinting or Mid-lake Pavilion Teahouse and the City God Temple, ancient city wall and Yuyuan Garden. No. 257 Yuyuan Old Street. Located in Huangpu District.
Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Features kids’ play areas, a 4-D theater, and exhibitions in areas such as biodiversity, information technology, earth exploring, lighting, and aircraft technologies. Open 09:00-17:15 (Closed Mondays). 2000 Century Boulevard, Pudong.
Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom
Displays birds, ladybugs, spiders, shrimps, crabs, snakes and dragonflies, as well as providing information sessions on basic insect knowledge. Open daily, 09:00-17:00. 1 Fenghe Road, Pudong.
Tours of Jewish Shanghai
Half day tours on history of Jews in Shanghai. Tour includes visits to Ohel Rachel Synagogue, The Peace Hotel, Ohel Moishe Synagogue and The Old Ghetto Allies. Shang-Mira Garden Villa 1 No. 89 South Shui Cheng Road. Located in Chao Yang District.
Shanghai World Financial Center
With height of 492m, SWFC sets itself as the landmark skyscraper in Shanghai, featuring a mixed use space of shopping mall, offices, hotels, conference rooms and observation decks. Opening: 08:00-22:00.100 Century Avenue, Pudong.
New Spot (Xintiandi)
Shopping area and restaurants. Live music, night life, bars, and cafes. Lane 181 Taicang Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Jenny's Shanghai Tours
Tours of Shanghai and local excursions including tourists highlights, culture, night tours and ancient water and cooking tour. See website for full details of tours. 
The Bund
Lined with historical buildings from the European occupation, the Bund is Shanghai’s most famous landmark. These buildings have been renovated, feature fancy and high-end restaurants and bars. Zhong Shan Dong Er Lu, HuangPu District Shanghai.
Shanghai Insiders
Sidecar and jeep tours in Shanghai. Booking available online. Events, street and on-site marketing. No.1285 Huaihai Zhong Lu. Located in Xuhui District.
Jin Mao Tower
Named after the investment agency Jin Mao Group, the skyscraper is an office building from floors 1 to 52; floors 53 to 87 are a 5-star hotel Hyatt and the 88th floor is for sightseeing. 2 Pudong Century Boulevard, Pudong, Shanghai. 
Shanghai Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling
Area covering 4,333 square meters of land. Former residence of Song Ching Ling, wife of Sun Yat-Sen. Memorial residence in Shanghai. No. 1843 Huaihai Middle Road. Located in Huangpu District.
The Oriental Pearl TV Tower
A 468-meter tall TV tower located near the Huangpu River opposite the Bund and featuring a sightseeing deck and historical museum as well as restaurants, small hotels, and a shopping area.1 Pudong Century Avenue, Shanghai
Absolute Panda Tour
Offers the panda tracking in their natural habitat.
Shanghai Film Park
Tourist site and event location. Film and TV set locations, wedding photos, and theme events. No. 4915 Beisong Gong Road. Located in Songjiang District.
Shanghai Wild Animal Park
Animal park in Shanghai. 200 kinds of rare animals. 10,000 animals total. Bus and walking visit areas. Restaurant dining available. No.178 Nanliu Main Road. Located in Pudong New Area.
Yu Yuan Garden
A traditional Chinese garden built during the Ming Dynasty and renovated several times since. The garden is surrounded by markets, old temples, old streets and commercial buildings. 08:30-17:00. 218 Anren Road, HuangPu.
Shanghai Museum
Features exhibitions of ancient Chinese art such as permanent displays of ancient Chinese bronze, sculptures, jade, paintings, seals, and furniture from the Tang and Ming Dynasties.Open Hour: 09:00- 17:00, 201 Peoples Avenue, HuangPu.
Bike China Adventures
Bike tour options. Custom bike tours, and training. Travel agent and cycling guides available.
Nanjing Road Pedestrian Road
Located in Puxi Huangpu District near the Bund, this famous road features hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and more than 600 shops, some of which have more than 100 years of history. Nanjing Dong Road, Huangpu, Shanghai.
Huang Pu River Cruise
The Huangpu River is the mother river of Shanghai and divides downtown Shanghai into two parts: Puxi and Pudong. A variety of private companies offer cruises, which vary in length and offer on-board F&B services. Zhong Shan Dong Er Lu, Huang Pu Dist
The Former Residence of Mao Zedong
In 1924 Mao Zedong and his wife stayed in Shanghai. Museum with historical documents and daily life of Mao Zedong. Open 09:00-11:00 / 13:00-16:00. 5-9 Lane 120 North Maoming Road. Located in Jingan District.
M50 Creative Park
Industrial buildings built in 1930s to 1990s. About 140 studios, art galleries and creative agencies from around the world representing fields in art, culture and design. No. 50 Moganshan Road. Located in Putuo District.
Shanghai Zoo
Attraction for children and adults. Animal habitats, tours, a childrens zoo, an elephant show and picnic areas. No. 2381 Hongqiao Road. Located in Changning District.
Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
Museum for the history of Jewish refugees to Shanghai from 1933 to 1941 during the years of the Holocaust. Includes the former site of Ohel Moshe Synagogue and two exhibition halls. No. 62 Changyang Road. Located in Hongkou District.
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Features the longest underwater tunnel in the world with fish and animals from waters such as the Yangzi River in China, the Amazon River, and rivers in Australia and Antarctica. Opening:09:00-18:00. 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong, Shanghai.
Shanghai Pathways
Shanghai group tours. Walking tours, day trips, workshops, and public group tours available. Open daily 09:00-18:00. Lane 188 No.24 Ju Feng Yuan Road. Located in Pudong District.
Garden Bridge
Landmark in Huangpu District area. It is known as Waibaidu Bridge. Crosses Suzhou Creek and is the first all-steel made bridge in China. Zhongshan East 1st Road. Located in Huangpu District..
Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Gardens
Botanical garden. Attractions include two lakes, 72m waterfall, rose garden, boat rentals, Chenshan Hill and Chenshan Tower. No. 3888 Chenhua Road near Jiasong Road. Located in Songjiang District.
Xujiahui Cathedral
Also known as St. Ignatius Cathedral. Established since 1960 in Shanghai. Headquarters of Roman Catholic Diocese of Shanghai. No. 158 Puxi Road. Located in Xuhui District.