Internet, Telephone, Mobile & WiFi

Ebest Mobile
Mobile technology and solutions for enterprises. Mobile technology for improving sales, field service management and maintenance, cloud server, and connectivity. 19th Floor Cao He Jing Software Building No. 461 Hongcao Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Shanghai BAOSH Communications Equipment Co., Ltd
Specializes in both the manufacture of optical communication equipment and the development of optical fiber application technology. 3/F, 68 Shifu Road, Jiuting, Shanghai 201615.
mInfo Inc.
Mobile marketing strategies. Business development and analysis, mobile marketing solutions and project management. Suite 615 No. 333 Hongqiao Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Shanghai Senxine Communication & Technologies Co., Ltd
Products include optical amplifiers, OEO mode/wavelength converters and optical fiber connectors and adapters. 3088 Jinxiu Road, Pudong.
China Mobile
Mobile services, data, IP telephone and multimedia. Internet services and telephone service networks. Online service.
Shanghai Kido Communication Technology Co., Ltd
Specializes in new technology development and technical service in fields such as communication, audio and video conferencing and passenger flow analysis. Room B502, Jia Li Building, 201 Keyuan Road, ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai 201203.
Products include power splitters, power amplifiers, lightning protectors and clock and frequency systems. 1000 Shiguang Road, Yangpu.
Internet and communication services. Includes internet data centers, video conferencing, equipment, monitoring, international and domestic conference calls. Suite 1201 Boda Business Building No. 11 Puhuitang Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Shanghai DaDi Telecommunication Electron Co., Ltd
Produces vibration sensors and electric sensors for vehicles. 44 Chuangxin Road, Pudong.
A mobile agency based in Shanghai. Specialized in App development for Android, iPad & iPhone. Room 202, Building 20, No.18 Yuyao Road. We have created over 30 applications for companies in various fields, such as real estate, tourism and retail.
Shanghai GuangTe Communication Technology Development Co., L...
Produces indoor and outdoor optical fiber cable, fiber optic cords and optical fiber splitters. Building 4, Hutai Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai 20044.
SinoTech Group
Social media technology and consultancy firm. Research and consulting, insight analysis service, social media traffic coordinator service, reports, training. Suite A07 Block C InfoShare Business Centre No. 905 Yuyuan Road. Located in Changning District.
Internet television network for business executives. Provides business news, interviews and analysis with business leaders in China and Japan.
Mobile application design and research. Mobile application development for iPhone, Android, and iPad. Business brand promotion, identity and research. Unit 301-302 Building 3 Park Space Innovation Center No. 169 Mengzi Road. Located in Luwan District.
Shanghai Digiter Co., Ltd
Offers optical fiber communication products as well as materials for insulation, lightning protection and construction projects. Building A60, 6689 Zhongchun Road, Shanghai 201101.