Marketing, Graphic Design & Advertising

Havas Field Force Shanghai
Global marketing company. Marketing, digital services, promotion, PR, management, and luxury brand marketing. 11th Floor Novel Building 887 Huaihai Zhong Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Ortus Group
Advertising company and services. Advertising, design, photography, public relations, event planning and management. 3rd Floor Building A Block 1 No.128 Huayuan Road. Located in Hongkou District.
Glocal Strategy
Public relations agency. Corporate communication, strategy, marketing, social marketing, investor relations, event and entertainment management. 1507-1509 Jindu Mansion No. 277 Wuxing Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Lantern Design
Independent agency for custom web design and development for international clients and partner agencies. 
Brand consulting company. More than 20 years experience. Services include market entry, brand marketing, and new ways of marketing and revenue. Room 406 No. 97 Xiangyang Bei Lu. Located in Xuhui District.
QiYang Co., Ltd
Web marketing and consultancy firm. Internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media, online marketing, e-business strategy, and e-business development consulting. Room 1508-1509 Hitime Tower No. 289 Wujin Road. Located in Hongkou District.
Sage Asia Limited
Consumer research agency. Established in 2007. Research, website development and online surveys available. 29th Floor Kerry Center No. 1515 Nanjing West Road. Located in Jingan District.
Emailvision China
Online marketing agency. Services include customer support, email marketing, creative services, setup and integration, training, and SaaS technology platform. 17th Floor Soho - The Exchange No. 1486 Nanjing West Road. Located in JingAn District.
Branding and design company. Website design, photography, branding and graphic design solutions. No. 433 Changshou Road. Located in Putuo District.
What If Innovation
Innovation and business services. Invents products, brands, services, business models, in-house innovation capabilities. Works with various industries and companies. 2nd Floor Building No. 12. 273 Jiaozhou Road. Located in Jingan District.
Robotics Business Review
Taking stock of those myriad changes, sorting through how each affects the new revolution and our future, and reporting on them to you our members is the job of Robotics Business Review.
Pivot Marketing
Provides marketing, public relations, and event management services, including corporate events, communication campaigns, grand openings, brand launches, road shows etc. Room 408, He Sen Business Center, 1600 Yan An Xi Lu, Shanghai.
Always Marketing Services
Always Marketing Services provides marketing solutions, managing projects in over 500 cities. 4F, Gangtai Plaza, 700 East Yanan Road Shanghai
Creative consulting services. Mobile and web strategies, video advertising, event marketing, marketing and creative design, marketing research, and multi-media event marketing. 2nd Floor 1000A Changping Road. Located in Jingan District.
Sapient Nitro Shanghai
Advertising company. Services include brand advertising, digital, social and mobile marketing, design, events, and providing commerce platforms. 313 Xinchang Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Website and graphic design company. Services include website development and design, mobile application, and platform design. Also digital photography services. 9th Floor Room 908 No. 212 Zhaojiabang Lu near Shanxi Nan Lu. Located in Xuhui District.
Pitchen Networks
Marketing agency and services. Includes brand marketing, partnering with other agencies, and agency referral. Over 250 industry workers and creative freelancers. 1st Floor Building 16 Lane 250 Changping Road. Located in Jingan District.
Bloodyamazing Co. Ltd.
Advertising and communication agency. Copywriting, online design, gift sourcing, planning, CRM and direct marketing, promotion of brand websites. 4th Floor Building C The Factory No. 1147 Kang Ding Road. Located in Jingan District.
Desimo Limited
Multi-design company. Website development, logo design, photography, TVC advertising production, printAD and multiimedia services.
CBC Marketing & Communications
Marketing and communications agency. Email campaigns, telemarketing, publications, event management, advertising, corporate gifts and advertising consulting. 49A Wuyi Road. Located in Changning District.
E-Commerce and digital marketing agency. China digital strategy, China E-Commerce lead, and performance marketing services. 20th Floor Room 2022 - 2026 No. 1438 Shaanxi North Road near Changshou Road. Located in Putuo District.
O.N.E Creative Shanghai
Design and marketing company. Services include web design, graphic design, and digital marketing. Suite 301 Building 9 LuJiaZui CBD 555 Changyi Road. Located in Pudong District.
Design and animation company. Motion design, animation, and direction services. Building 1 No. 403 Jinxian Road. Located in Luwan District.
Adsmith China
Agency providing service in public relations, events and marketing campaigns for both local and international clients. 3E Anken Green 668 Huai An Lu, Shanghai.
InGame AD Interactive
Digital advertising and digital gaming industry. Social media ad platform, mobile app development and operation, and digital marketing for various brands and industries. Suite 1705 Tower 1 No. 218 Tianmu West Road. Located in Zhabei District.
Malherbe Design
Creative design agency. Commercial brands and companies, including brand marketing, visual identity, mass market, luxury, selective retailing, restoration, and art direction. Room 5H Anken Green No. 668 Huai An Road. Located in Jingan District.
Public relations firm. Business communication, branded entertainment, crisis and risk, digital, consumer health, media relations, mobile marketing and public affairs. Room 1408 China Venturetech Plaza No. 819 West Nanjing Road. Located in Jingan District
Global Business Insitute
Management consultancy firm and marketing services. Strategic marketing, market research, executive training, project management and organizational management services. 12th Floor No. 333 Huahai Zhong Road. Located in Luwan District.
Creative and production agency. Brings ideas and concepts into reality, art direction, production, commercial artist collaborations, strategy consulting, events, and art sales. 2nd Floor Lane 1285 No. 51 Huaihai Zhong Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Brand9 Group
Brand Consultancy. Services including brand strategy, research, concepts, license partners, brand building and celebrity partnerships available. Suite 210 No.329 Jinyan Road. Located in Pudong District.
Communication and design company. Established in 1993. Specializes in visual communication, strategic concept and design. Corporate identity, websites, reports, brochures, presentations, exhibitions and events. Office 6b 668 Huaian Lu. Jingan District.
800 TeleServices
800 TeleServices (Shanghai) Marketing Consulting Co Ltd. provides a wide array of marketing services. 4-5/F No.120, Lane 91, E`shan Road, Pudong District Shanghai
Public relations, advertising, CRM, event marketing and interactive marketing. Room 516, 2993 Gonghexin Lu, Shanghai.
Marketing agency. Website design and development, marketing, graphic design and branding and online campaigns and mobile marketing services. 4th Floor Block F Red Town 570 Huaihai West Road. Located in Changning District.
Hush Media
Media and advertising company. Services include branding, consulting, design, media, PR and events, production and exportation. Room 104 Mind Office No. 172 Jinxian Road. Located in Luwan District.
Dutch Design Workspace
Creative business consultancy firm. PR and communications, project management, coaching and business development, virtual office, and event managment. 3rd Floor Block 3 No. 600 Shaanxi Road. Located in Jingan District.
Paul Thornton Online Marketing Ltd
Online marketing services. Email marketing, social media, pay per click, search engine optimization, analytics and online marketing. Room 1502 No. 567 Taixing Road. Located in Jingan District.
SinoMedia is a leading business information and media services provider founded in Hong Kong in 1996. Its China mainland partner and agent is Shanghai Yanran Advertisement Ltd.
Directions Management Consulting Pte Ltd
Marketing and sales agency. Psyche-Selling package including key performance indicator, audit, participation observation, intervention and feedback loop.
Paper n Screen
Graphic and web design company. Print and interactive design, web design, branding, and solutions for various design projects.
MH Direkt Asia
E-Commerce and online marketing services. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web shop solutions, and fulfillment services. 20th Floor No. 1438 Shaanxi North Road. Located in Putuo District.
Shunway Tech
Website design and marketing services. Design solutions including multimedia, cartoon animation, E-learning, interactive and web, and virtual reality. Brand marketing and design. 5F-C Jiali Mansion 1228 West YanAn Road. Located in Changning District.
NO BODY Visual Communication Designers
Shanghai-based communication design studio dedicated to bringing thinking and meaning to graphic design communication. 876 Jiangsu Road, Building 3, floor 3A. LLC
Website design and marketing agency. Designs, hosts and develops websites, graphic design, internet marketing, and business app development. No. 485 Baochun Road. Located in Minhang District.
Provides conference and event management, web marketing, channel promotions, and product branding with print and online advertising. Room G, Floor20, Zhaofeng Universal Building, No.1800 West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.
Our Man in Shanghai
Online media and advertising strategies. Social media, social networking, brand building, project management, campaign development, strategic partnerships, graphic design, video production, visual identity and copy writing services.
Brand consultancy. Market and consumer research, brand strategy, local and global branding services. M50 Creative Industries Park Building 7 Unit 202 50 Moganshan Road. Located in Putuo District.
DT Digital Asia
DT Digital Asia has created a niche as one of the leading digital marketing company. They offering premium web marketing, digital media and marketing services.
Red Gate International
Full-service events, media and communications agency specialising in event planning, venue management, video production, television and film.
Creative Collective
Studio and event space. Also graphic design, visual branding, PR, sourcing and production services. 1st Floor House 6 Lane 108 Changshu Road near Changle Road. Located in Jingan District.
Creative consultancy. Established 2006 in Shanghai. Brand management, brand development and digital corporate design, communication strategies, market research, and social media. Suite 601 No.68 Changping Road. Located in Jingan District.
3D mapping, advertising and event management. Event production and management including stage design, production, 3D mapping, video production, laser shows, and performances. Lane 120 No. 28 Taian Road. Located in Luwan District.
Birds & Fish Communications
Visual communication and web design company. Branding design, magazines, illustrations, advertising, industry related products, web development, consulting. Room 1714 Zhonghuan Building No. 2 Lane 3856 North Zhongshan Road. Located in Putuo District.
Fundator Asia
Platform for creative projects and funding. Games, design, film, music, art, technology, and applications. Benjamin Vignon, entrepreneur and CEO leads a team of 15 people from around the world. Based in Shanghai.
1to3 Co. Shanghai
Brand, design and marketing agency. Brand consulting and identity, graphic and interactive design, creative design, technical development and web marketing strategies. 15th Floor One Corporate Avenue No.222 Hubin Road. Located in Luwan District.
NetBooster China
Digital marketing agency. Brand website, social media marketing, performance-driven strategy, tracking and optimization. Multilingual services in English, French and Chinese. Room 4105 No. 580 Nanjing West Road. Located in Jingan District.
China National Publications Import and Export Coporations
Marketing and distribution company. Print, publishing, export, advertising, exhibition fairs, logistics, courier and IT. Room 1302 No. 88 Canton Road. Located in Hongkou District.
AsiaMedia Ltd.
Marketing and communications agency. Marketing strategy, corporate communications and public relations service provider. 3-101 Lane 488 Shaanxi South Road at Yongjia Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Haidavai Group
Foreign investment consulting services and media group. Includes China policy, investment, labour laws, and registration. Corporate image design, web design, PPT, and print services. Office 452 No.128 Huanyuan Road. Located in Hongkou District.
Creative communications agency. Web marketing, graphic design, web design and development, mobile we development, printing solutions, and promotion. 1-101 No. 100 Nandan East Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Enjoy China Media & Advertising Group
Media and publication advertising. VIP services, bilingual magazine publication and website "Enjoy Shanghai", and marketing services.
Yaean Design Ltd.
Graphic design studio. Website design, graphics, exhibitions, print and production management, packaging, corporate and product design. 6th Floor Suite 6003A Novel Building No. 887 Huaihai Zhong Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Beaugeste Design Solution
Visual branding company. Design solutions for office buildings, department stores, supermarkets, libraries, museums, KTV, restaurants, bars and pubs, and internet cafes. Suite 519-520 Building 5 No. 210 Taikang Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Bergstrom Trends
Marketing and insights consultancy. Services include market research, brand building, product development, and strategies. Also consumer studies, trend reports, co-creation workshops, and introduction to brand leaders.
China Elite Focus Limited
Advertising agency and marketing. Services include advertisement, translation, public relations, and publications. 2nd Floor Building 23. 1984 Huaihai Zhong Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Branding and sales consulting agency. Branding development, web solutions, mobile marketing, public relations, and sales. Online support available. Suites 1306-1308 No. 500 Xiang Yang Nan Road. Located in Xuhui District.
3rd Floor Public Relations
The Chinese global marketing and public relations agency.3F, No. 8 Building, 622 Huai Hai Middle Road, Shanghai.
Brand consultation services. Includes focusing on strategy, research, revenue, and creating new opportunities with consumer views. 5D 668 Huaian Road. Located in Jingan District.
Creative design agency. Services include creative strategy, curatorial, design co-ordination, project execution, brand communications space, corporate booth, or museum exhibition space.
Universal Medica Group
Global advertising services company. Including marketing assessment and research, market entry and registration, consultancy, and business management. 16th Floor Merchant Plaza 228 Weihai Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Ya Brand
Provide marketing and branding services, specialize in WeChat marketing, branding strategy ,visual design , and viral Micro-Movies. Room 307, Suzhou Road 71 West Friendship Mall, Shanghai.
Angle Communication
Communications agency. PR campaigns, video, sales, building brands, media consulting, strategy, planning, and media services. 11th Floor No. 288 Anfu Road. Located in Xuhui District.
4in Group
Marketing communications firm. Established in 2003. Branding, creative services, event management, database marketing, and public relations services. 1501 Unit 1-5 Building 2 South Suzhou Road. Located in Huangpu District.
Email marketing and services. Full service email, data marketing, email consultancy and training, and email campaigns. 6th floor Building No. 3 The Factory No. 695 Lingshi Road. Located in Zhabei District.
SIS International Research
SIS International Research is a global market research and strategic business insights firm providing full-service qualitative, quantitative research, competitive analysis and strategic market intelligence services. 12th Floor A06 333 Huai Hai Zhong Road
Mediasia Interactive
Web design and digital agency. Services include print and graphics, corporate identity, web design, 3D modeling, and TV animation. Design for marketing solutions in China. Service in various languages available.
Kiken Prod
Marketing boutique agency founded in 2007 that supplies creative marketing to hospitality and F&B brands and events. 5/F, Buidling A, 98 Yan Ping Lu, Shanghai.
Thread Design
Design and communication company. Services include branding, digital communication, web graphics and design, and packaging. No. 4 Lane 310 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. Located in Xuhui District.
In The Cut
Marketing communications agency. Event planning, marketing strategies, public relations, promotional materials, and ad designs. 13A Zi Hong Building Lane 800 No. 57 Zhongshan Road. Located in Changning District.
Germany based events and advertisement agency, Shanghai branch was opened in 2004. Provides branding, event management, and marketing services. 2nd Floor, 300 Qu Fu Xi Lu, Shanghai.
China Hedge
Media and research consultancy. Monitors global hedge fund investment and marketing. Investment, research, media and marketing partner. 22nd Floor Tomson Commercial Building No. 710 Dong Fang Road. Located in Pudong New District.
Atelier Forever
Forever is a design agency based in Paris and Shanghai. Focuses on interior design, product and graphic design. Building 14, 1192 Beijing West Road. Located in Jingan District.
Zera Communications
Advertising company and services. Includes advertising, television film and video production services. No.5 Building No.6 Lane 365 Xinhua Road. Located in Changning District.
Ogilvy Public Relations
Public relations and services. Product marketing, partnership development, brand stewardship, media influence, investor relations. 26th Floor The Center No. 989 Changle Road. Located in Xuhui District.
Montfort Shanghai Co. Ltd.
Marketing and consulting company. Services include research, marketing, events, print, logistics, and development. Room 1101 No. 555 Nanjing West Road. Located in Jingan District.
WPP China
Marketing and communications agency. Advertising, media investment, consumer insight, branding and identity, promotion, digital and specialist communications. 31st Floor The Center No. 989 Changle Road. Located in Jingan District.
Research on marketing impacts, agency selection and compensation, independent media auditing and analysis. Lane 729, North Shanxi Road Shanghai.
Global digital marketing agency. Services include search engine marketing, HTML5 web design, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC management and app development.