Taxis, Shuttle, Transfers & Minibus

Shanghai Eastern Taxi Service
provides transportation services in the great Shanghai area with English speaking drivers or live translators through cellular phones. 2550 Hong Qiao Road, Shanghai.
Jin Jiang Taxi
With color scheme of white, one of local taxi provider, speak simple English.
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co., Ltd.
One of local main taxi providers in Shanghai. Provide simple English services.
Qiang Sheng Taxi
One of local taxi company, provide taxi service, with car of orange color, provide simple English service.
Shanghai Eastern Taxi Service
Car rental and leasing company, American owned, provide English-speaking drivers or live English interpreters.
Ba Shi Taxi
With color scheme of green, provides taxi service in Shanghai.
Shanghai Red Bee Car Leasing
Car rental company providing chauffeur servicae.