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Know where the hot events in Shanghai are. Entertainment venues, bars, clubs, pubs, DJ and fun-filled places in Shanghai. Expats in Shanghai won't get bored here> http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/whatson

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

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You are cordially invited to a: wine Blind Taste Party–Shanghai  ????????? Date ??:  Saturday, December 14   ???, 12?14?, 2013 Time ??:  ?? 2 PM - 4 PM Venue ????:  ANKEN GREEN ???? Address ??:  668 HuaiAn Rd. Jing’an district (near West Suzhou Rd.)  ??????668? (? ????) Varietals ??:  10 - 15  +  bread & cheese ??????? + luck draws ???? RSVP ????:  www.blindtasteparty.com Info ??:  info@blindtasteparty.com Bring a friend, or two, or whole bunch.  ???, ???, ?????????. Hope to see you at the event  ???????????????

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100 things you can do in Shanghai? I try to find out what you can do in Shanghai, here what I found: 1. Fuxing Park 2. Shanghai Museum 3. Din Tai Fung 4. Dongtai Road 5. Moganshan Road 7. Massage 8. The Bund  9. Lujiazui  10. exloring Restaurants 11. Vue Bar 12. Pearl Tower 13. People´s Square 14. Nanjing Xi Road 15. Fake Market 16. Shanghai Maglev Train  17.??? 18.??? 19.??? 20.???

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Party-goers, clubbers, pub-crawlers, diners, etc. perhaps you have been to expat-popular places like Malones, M1NT, Muse at the Bund, etc, get to know more where to paint the town red.  http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/533/shanghai-bars-pubs-and-night-clubs.html

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Hi everyone !  I am looking for English Cinemas in Shanghai! I don't mind subtitles but the main film should be in English ! Does anyone know any ?    Thanks 

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Can somebody tell me some good networking events, where you find potential business partners.  

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My girlfriend wants to go to a Chinese opera, but I don't. Does anybody have been to an opera? When I see in the TV a chinese opera, I can't stand it. It is so fake and the sound, oh my god! If somebody writes, I should give it a try, I do it. Thx 

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NI hao guys,  I am new in the city and wanted to ask you, whats going on in Shangha this spring? Love to be outside, go to museums, galleries etc.  Thank you, would be great also for others to know. ;-)

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Hey guys, I have a question, at Mint club they always tell me you have to be a member to enter, but I see a lot of people who enter the club without having a memership.  Whats the secret? 

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Hey everyone,   Where can I watch an English movie or a movie with English subtitles in Shanghai? Thanks so much~

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I haven't been to the opera or musical for AGES!!! Hope shanghai hs something to offer????

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