What can you do in Shanghai?

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100 things you can do in Shanghai? I try to find out what you can do in Shanghai, here what I found: 1. Fuxing Park 2. Shanghai Museum 3. Din Tai Fung 4. Dongtai Road 5. Moganshan Road 7. Massage 8. The Bund  9. Lujiazui  10. exloring Restaurants 11. Vue Bar 12. Pearl Tower 13. People´s Square 14. Nanjing Xi Road 15. Fake Market 16. Shanghai Maglev Train  17.??? 18.??? 19.??? 20.???


Joe-889721 1367576382

17. doing fitness: swimming

18. going out: Mint, Bar Rouge, 88, G+, M2,....

19. take a dancing class

20. cinema

21. theater

22. Taican Lu

23. Yu Yuan 

24. tailor

Simon 98 1367835235

That's why I like Shanghai, you have so many things to do and you never get bored. 

I add some places:

25. Century Avenue Park,

26. Shanghai Concert Hall,

27. Shanghai Grand Theatre,

28. Shanghai Oriental Art Center

29. Expo Center

30. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 

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Added some new spots... 

31. Huangpu River Cruise

32. Nanjing Road

33. Xintiandi 

34. Pudong at the river 

35. Shanghai Museum 

36. Jade Buddha Temple

37. Hengshan Road

38. Pearl TV Tower

39. Ancient Watertowns

40. Shanghai Aquarium

41. Longhua Temple

42. Shanghai Zoo 

we get the 100... ;-)

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43. World Financial Tower

44. Jin Mao

45. Opera house

46. Zhongshan Park 

47. Shanghai Railway Station

48. China Art Museum

those came to my mind. 


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going out:

49. KTV

50. Mural

51. Sasha's

52. Phebe Club

53. The Shelter

54. The Geisha

55. Dada

56. Shanghai Studio

57. JZ Club

58. True Love

59. Zapata's

60. Lola

61. Mao Livehouse

62. The Flamingo

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I was thinking what is missing:

63. Era Acrobats

64. Shanghai Circus World

65. Era Time

66. Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

67. Old French Concession

68. Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

69. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

70. Happy Valley of Shanghai

71. Tian Zi Fang

72. Garden of Contentment (Yu Yuan Garden)

Goldylocks-889714 1368786714

72. Shanghai History Museum (good) 

73. Zhongshan Road (ok) 

74. Pearl of the Orient Cruise Ship Terminal (nice)

75. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (good) 

76. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town (relaxig) 

77. Madame Tussauds Shanghai (ok) 

78. Moller Residence (great)

79. Shanghai Circuit (good)

80.Tours of Jewish Shanghai (great)

Walding in the way 1369042237

some sports activities: 

80. Shanghai Yinqixing Indoor Skifield

81. Shanghai Oriental Sports Center 

82. Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium 

83. Shanghai Stadium

84. Minhang Sports Park

85. Lake Malaren Golf Club

Jane-889704 1369306180

Great, thank you for all the people who added sightseeing spots for Shanghai. I got some more parks and gardens: 

86. Changfeng Park

87. Chenshan Botanic Gardens

88. Shanghai Botanical Garden

89. Pudong Gaoqiao Riverside Forest Park

90. Shanghai Flower Port (I love this place) 

91. Shanghai Renmin Park

A few left! Thank you for adding more spots of Shanghai. 


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Wow, I'm so late to see this. Why have we not included:


92. Learn Mandarin and Shanghaihua (Shanghai has lots of centres here!)

93,  Go to Hongmei Road's Entertainment Street

94. Lavish shopping (check out Xintiandi, Xujiahui, and more http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/214/shanghai-shopping-and-style.html

95. Photowalk! Many expats meet-up for photowalk. (I'm interested!)

96. Speaking of meet-up, you can also join and meet new friends with your fellow (and other) expat communities here in Shanghai

97. Network, start a small simple business or earn extra more cash (Shanghai has lots of opportunities to explore as long as you have the 'guanxi ??' of network.

98. Try Wechat and stay in touch with your friends here - you can even meet new friends thru Wechat

99. Local foods are must-try: xiaolongbao, shengjianbao, hongshao rou, hairy crab and chou dou fu (stinky tofu)!

100. For F1 race lovers, go wait till they dash again at Jiading's F1 circuit! And for those who love racing, try out kart-racing as well. 

Lastly, don't forget to fall in love with Shanghai, despite those woes you hear. You surely will have a nice time here when you get closer to the culture and lifestyle. :)

That sums up the 100 things!



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