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Search for a reliable ayi (housekeeper/nanny) for Shanghai expats http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/465/shanghai-baby-sitting-and-nanny-services.html  

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Shanghai International school, Kindergarten's for shanghai expat family, Boarding school, Primary schools and more: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/250/shanghai-international-schools.html  

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Yesterday, a fire broke out somewhere in Hailun road in Hong Kou District, Shanghai. Gratefully no one got hurt. For emergency, fire, police and ambulance, turn in tohttp://shanghai.angloinfo.com/information/healthcare/emergencies/ You can have this printed out and stick it on your wall.  http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/information/healthcare/emergencies/

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Looking for something to give this Christmas? Check out some stores around your place (many have products for expats and international brands) >http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/214/shanghai-shopping-and-style.html

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Shanghai has several international schools for kids on both Puxi and Pudong areas. Check for some international boarding schools, international secondary schools, international primary schools and preschools/kindergarten/nursery. Quality education like home.  http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/250/shanghai-international-schools.html

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To all American expats in Shanghai and already planning for your Thanksgiving. Marriott is offering Turkey-To-Go, call them 3-days in advance and they will cook your Thanksgiving Turkey for pick-up! Convenient especially for busy Americans here. :) Visit our link http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/27378/turkey-to-go

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Ayi is how many locals and expats term to housekeepers or nanny's find them here. > http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/465/shanghai-baby-sitting-and-nanny-services.html

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Hi, We are moving to Shanghai in 1 month period, could someone please recommend me international elementary schools that are have good standards with reasonable price. Thank you.

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My daughter has rashes on her hands and feet, should I be worried? Is it a symptom of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease? Your help is appreciated.    

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To all other mums and dads :)Im new to the forum. Really excited about a new Montessori Academy opening in Shanghai Jing Qiao district I just enrolled my kids in. I just moved to Shanghai from Sydney with two young boys. Major headache looking for a child care here. I went to a Montessori in Sydney and my kids liked it. So was really happy to learn that the group in sydney has just opened a new place in Shanghai. Looks really good. Three levels, glass and lots of sunlight. Indoor and outdoor play grounds. Probably the best I have seen in Shanghai. English and chinese teachers in all the classes. My kids are 3 and 5. But they cater for 6 months upto 6 years. Opening in early September. Still has some positions left.I know the hassel to find a good place. So if you have kids check this out.The contact person is Susie 18101895556 / Anna 68867727. They can arrange an appointmentTheir australian website montessoriacademy.com.au

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Friends We have a two and half year old, I am caucasian and DH is Chinese, on a recent trip to Xi'an baby attracted a lot of attention which was fun but my gut feeling was to keep him near to me in case anyone would grab him. I know Shanghai is not Xi'an, but we are considering living in Xi'an, I suppose because it is NOT Shanghai, if that makes sense and I want a more 'immersion' lifestyle than an expat one. Just wondered if I am thinking too much post Maddie McCann or if anyone has security concerns about small kids in Shanghai or China.Love any feedback and advice, thank you! 

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Some foreign families choose to hire ayis to help with clearning and home maintenance, looking after kids and pets, and even just to expose kids to Mandarin language. Ayis can work part time or full time. Before hiring one, you should discuss with your family what you want out of the ayi: will she be there simply to cook and clean, or will she be more integrated into the family. You can search for your Ayi candidates by referral, in classifieds sections of websites and newspapers, or by contacting ayi agencies directly. Here is a list of some AYI agencies: Fuxin Family, CCShanghai, Sarah Home Service, and AyiPro. During the interview stage of selecting the most suitable Ayi, discuss with the potential ayi your expectations as well as her expectations (in terms of wages) and her other commitments (if she works part time for you, she may in fact be working as an ayi for several other families).

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Hi Everyone, we have an Ayi who is working for us for about 1 year. She takes one day off weekly, and during this year we have added her salary twice. when Ayi's get together  it always ends up the salary issue. I was kind of headache when she said she could not do the job anymore, she never asking for increase the salary directly but I know it's all about money. Is there anybody who can referral some good Ayi for referral or a possible interview? Many thanks.

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Hi Everyone,  The summer holidays in Shanghai start late june and last around two months. Does anyone have any ideas for a good summer camp for children, or general fun activities?  Any comments/tips/ideas would be much appreciated.  Thank you

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Hi there, I am kind person who is lack of planning. Just realized that it is summer holiday now, while I have not found any good summer camps for my 5 years old daughter, do you have any good suggestion or recommendation? Thank you.

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A list of baby equipments and clothing shops and online shops in Shanghai. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/507/shanghai-baby-equipment-and-clothing.html

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Ni hao, I want to give my son into an international kindergarden. Any advice? I live in Pudong. Thank you. 

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What are your plans for mother's day? Do you buy something for your mother or do you write her a poem or just go with her for lunch/brunch?  

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I am a worried mum. I want to buy my kids new toys but I am not sure, if they use poisonous material in China. I know most of the toys come from China, but back home toys get tested before they come into the shop. Not sure if they do it here? Where do you buy toys?    

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May 2013 IRON MAN 3 (May 3) STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS* (May 17) EPIC(May 24)   June 2013 MAN OF STEEL* (June 14) MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (June 21)   July 2013 DESCPICABLE ME 2(July 3) LONE RANGER* (July 3) THE SMURFS 2 (July 31)   August 2013 DISNEY'S PLANES (August 9) PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS (August 16) LEO THE LION (Possible release date August 30) ONE DIRECTION 3D CONCERT MOVIE (August 30)   September 2013 THE LITTLE MERMAID IN 3D (September 13, G) CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 (September 27)   October 2012 THE TRICK OR TREATERS (Poss. release date October 25)   November 2012 MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN (November 1) THOR: THE DARK WORLD* (November 8) THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE* (November 22) FROZEN (November 27)   December 2012 SANTAPPRENTICE (December 6) THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN (December 13) WALKING WITH DINOSAURS (December 20) SAVING MR. BANKS (December 20) source: http://kidstvmovies.about.com/od/movies/a/Calendar-Of-New-Releases-Family-And-Childrens-Movies-2013.htm

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