Ayis (maids/aunties)

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Some foreign families choose to hire ayis to help with clearning and home maintenance, looking after kids and pets, and even just to expose kids to Mandarin language. Ayis can work part time or full time. Before hiring one, you should discuss with your family what you want out of the ayi: will she be there simply to cook and clean, or will she be more integrated into the family. You can search for your Ayi candidates by referral, in classifieds sections of websites and newspapers, or by contacting ayi agencies directly. Here is a list of some AYI agencies: Fuxin Family, CCShanghai, Sarah Home Service, and AyiPro. During the interview stage of selecting the most suitable Ayi, discuss with the potential ayi your expectations as well as her expectations (in terms of wages) and her other commitments (if she works part time for you, she may in fact be working as an ayi for several other families).


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