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Hi, We are moving to Shanghai in 1 month period, could someone please recommend me international elementary schools that are have good standards with reasonable price. Thank you.


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There are  a few good international elementary schools here around Shanghai, please take a look at this link: international elementary schools. I hope this information is useful for you and your children.

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Hi Lisa,

Here is the list of International school in shanghai:  . International school in Shanghai, can be devided into couple types: First-tier: Organized by wel-known international schools, like Dulwich College, Wellinton, Yechung, etc. The language they use  is English, and teach limited Chinese; second tier:  Chinese and English half half used International school, these school will use Chinese curricum, with 50% and 50% English native speaking teacher and Chinse native speaking teacher, the price will be a little bit lower than the first one. Third, or others: some Chinese public school they may have International class, the strong side is the well-know Chinse eduation, is that teach you a lot when the kids are very yong, and they said to make the good fundermental base for the kids. While some of them are really good school, at least, from the IB Score, theirs are much higher than the average score.

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