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Ni hao, I want to give my son into an international kindergarden. Any advice? I live in Pudong. Thank you. 


jmclauglin 1369946066

I have friend who sends her daughter to Fortune Kindergarten. She says it's really nice, they teach both English and Chinese.

Tiara-889715 1369957000

Hey Clauglin, thank you. I will have a look at this kindergarden. English and Chinese is always good, especially if my family wants to stay longer in China. 

Allen T 1370012771

Hi Tiara, 

You also can find it here, the most completed lists for the local billingual or international kindergartens  To my own experiences, The Child Academy is really a good one, the founder was from Canada, and they provide very friendly and warm area for kids, plus, it not that expensive like those international schools. You can call them or write an email to each of these school for asking a visit. Then tell which one you like better.  Good luck! 

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