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Any advice on how to start a business in Shanghai? I know Shanghai is a huge city in China and I want to know as much information as I can before I decide to start my own business here. I am interested in women's clothing and accessories from overseas. Any suggestions on how to start a small business for a foreigner in Shanghai? Replies are welcome here!! 

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I'm in the beginnings of discussions with a company regarding me teaching English in Shanghai this year. I am wondering, if i come over as a teacher what are the chances of finding a better job while I'm there? I have a background in writing/journalism but have 10 years of marketing experience. If I did find a better job later, would I have to come back to the US to reapply for a different visa before I could come back to China? Thanks for any assistance.

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Find out here for some English-speaking financial and legal advisers or consultants for expats in Shanghai. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/13/shanghai-financial-and-legal.html

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Since the introduction of the new Chinese visa policy last September 2013, many foreigners and long time Shanghai expats have been again drawn into chaotic confusion about its complicated changes.  With lots of additional types and revision of the existing types like M Visa, X2 Visa, R Visa and D Visa, a lot of expats and foreigners are in nowhere to start as regards to their plans in moving to China. The link below offers a good solution to this complicated visa policy. Flowchart is provided for better understanding. http://www.expatree.com/blog/a-complete-solution-for-china-m-and-x2-visa_103   Let us know your thoughts.

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Stay close to weather updates through our website >http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/weather/

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Find legal advisers or consultants here in Shanghai >  http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/275/shanghai-lawyers-law-firms-and-legal-advice.html

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Hello everyone!  I am looking for an insurance company! Mainly for property insurance in Shanghai.  Does anyone know a good insurance firm?   

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Hi!  I'd like to set up a local bank account. Can anyone recommend any banks that speak English well and are reliable?    Thank you 

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There are so many banks in Shanghai, where can I open a bank account and it's not too time consuming. Thank you!

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Advice needed. I want to open a shop in Shanghai, what do I need to start a business in Shanghai?  Any information is welcome! Thx

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Is it expensive to get health insurance for foreigners living in China/Shanghai? What is the average amount a foreigner should pay for health insurance?

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Is there any local investment consultant company offer qualified financial service?

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