Finding Other Work While Teaching English. Is it Possible?

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I'm in the beginnings of discussions with a company regarding me teaching English in Shanghai this year. I am wondering, if i come over as a teacher what are the chances of finding a better job while I'm there? I have a background in writing/journalism but have 10 years of marketing experience. If I did find a better job later, would I have to come back to the US to reapply for a different visa before I could come back to China? Thanks for any assistance.


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Hi Flabulous, welcome to Shanghai, Shanghai is now developing into a very Globalized city, and there are plenty of job opportunities here. I am sure you will dig out more when u r here. As to the visa, No I don't think u need back to the US to change another one, I have experienced to apply for the working visa for my colleague who was from the US, he went to HK and got all the things done there. Hope this is helpful info to you.

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There are a lot of English-language magazines and newspapers in Shanghai where you might be able to find work. There's a list of them in the directory:

You could try marketing yourself as a subeditor as well as a journalist - they often need first language English speakers to edit copy written by second-language English speakers.

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You can freelance or do part-time as long as your visa permits you to stay here legally OR you still have the power to take on other jobs. However, not many employers who offered you a job here would be happy when they find out you are taking on other jobs. Just keep a low profile.


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