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Any advice on how to start a business in Shanghai? I know Shanghai is a huge city in China and I want to know as much information as I can before I decide to start my own business here. I am interested in women's clothing and accessories from overseas. Any suggestions on how to start a small business for a foreigner in Shanghai? Replies are welcome here!! 


Richard15 1364383880

 Why not research and figure out if it is possible to start one up! Great idea, by the way :).

Just a couple suggestions/links I found on the web. 

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rolandfei 1390507173

You have few options: start your own WOFE (which is totally expensive); do partnership here, or set-up a representative office.

You can find some business consultants on our directory.

Feel free to contact them :)

By the way, I find your business interesting, perhaps we can talk more about this.

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