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Shanghai has so many bars, but I am always going to the same, I need to see new bars. My favourites are Glamour Bar and Vue Bar, for now. Are there others you can recommend and I should check out? Exploring the city is great, new venues are welcome. Thx.

started by: rolandfei · last update: 1392237717 · posted: 1392237717

Spend Valentine's with your loved ones here in Shanghai with some nice food and drink. Choose from this lists of venues and events that will surely fill the air with romance.  http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/whatson/select/0-0-0/all-categories/all-types/in-shanghai/on-14-February-2014/20

started by: kylie88 · last update: 1374763627 · posted: 1374762964

Hi there! I have lived in shanghai just for 2 weeks but I already miss european food, do you know any good international market where I can buy imported products? hope you can help me! thanks    Kylie 

started by: BB-889723 · last update: 1370449720 · posted: 1368180966

Searching for a good veggie restaurant in Shanghai. Somebody has a good suggestion? Thx

started by: guidone · last update: 1370448035 · posted: 1370448035

Hi everyone,  Might sound like a wierd topic but.. I've only recently settled down in Shanghai, and was wondering how safe/good the milk is. Is it healthy to drink, or should i be careful with it? It's just i drink a lot of milk and was worried/curious.  Thanks

started by: Thibour · last update: 1370300628 · posted: 1369394314

My family and I want to make a BBQ. We are wondering if there is a place in Shanghai where you can make BBQ? Or if we can buy a grill and go into a park? Maybe its useful for others too. Thank you for your reply. 

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I thought it will be useful for everybody, if you don't speak Chinese:  First step:You have to call 4008 517 517. Second step:You will hear a voice which tells you to press 2 for English service or 1 for Chinese. Third step: Your first call at Mc Donalds delivery? If yes, you have to give them your address. If no, they will know you from your phone number. Fourth step: Now you can order your Big Mac, fries or Mc Sunday. Enjoy your meal! 

started by: mikey wong · last update: 1369607137 · posted: 1369436604

hey shanghaiers, where can i find the best xiaolongbao in town? i'm staying over the weekend and would like to try out these lengendary dumplings:)

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I have heard there are a lot of Tescos in Shanghai, so far I didn't see one. Can somebody tell me, where they are?

started by: JuliaW-889720 · last update: 1367399723 · posted: 1367329509

There are so many restaurants in Shanghai, so I thought I would like to know, which one is good for you?  I like Coconut Paradise because I like Thai food. The Kitchen at Lujiazui because I love Italian antipasti.  1001 they have great hummus, which I can eat all day ;-)  Any other places you can recommend? 

started by: expat2013 · last update: 1364466234 · posted: 1364464444

Hey, I´m searching for my 2 children all kinds of easter eggs, as I want to hide them in the garden. Would be great, if someone could tell me, as I didnt find them. Thank you. 

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Hi everyone, Where are some places I can go to buy baking tools/ baking ingredients for baking? I am having a hard time finding baking utensils and ingredients that I need at regular supermarkets. I am sure other expats and foreigners might be in the same situation. Please let me know if you know of a place in the downtown area or near Shanghai! Thank you!

started by: lovestoshop_49 · last update: 1363178024 · posted: 1363176443

I am looking for an authentic Indian cusine restaurant to dine with my friends this weekend. Any suggestions?

started by: Chris111 · last update: 1363000646 · posted: 1359152178

So what's a good place for lunch around Jingan Temple? Thx.

started by: Stella2347 · last update: 1362238029 · posted: 1362223810

Hey Everyone,  Wanted some feedback on what you all think are some great Mexican restaurants in town! I have been craving Mexican food lately. Different flavors and spices from the same day-to-day meals. Any suggestions? Thanks,

started by: lavenderscented · last update: 1362229951 · posted: 1362227127

Where can I find a good bubble tea shop in Shanghai? I know there must be loads, but I want to know what your opinions are on the best bubble tea shops around. Thanks~

started by: Walding in the way · last update: 1360492812 · posted: 1360158320

What's a good place for an authentic Chinese dinner on Chinese New Year? I want to take my family out to celebrate. 

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