Any recommendations for Mexican restaurants?

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Hey Everyone,  Wanted some feedback on what you all think are some great Mexican restaurants in town! I have been craving Mexican food lately. Different flavors and spices from the same day-to-day meals. Any suggestions? Thanks,


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Hi Stella2347, 

Sometimes it's tough to deal with cravings especially when living in a foreign country! I suggest that you can also be open to new foods all the time since you probably will come across foods you never tried before:). 

There are some great Mexican restaurants in Shanghai. You just have to look around as they're not as common as Italian or other international restaurants. There's Maya-Julu Road and Teotihuacan on Yuyuan Road. 


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I had exactly this craving a few months ago! Best Mexican restaurant I've found is Cantina Agave in Fumin Road - the food is pretty good and it does lots of tequila as well :-)

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