Brunch in Shanghai, where to go?

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Dear all, I found this link on CNN and wanted to know if you really could recommend one of these brunches in Shanghai. Thanks.  


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I have been at the Le Meridien (Champagne) brunch, its really worth the money, because you can go afterwards to the swimming pool and spend your whole day there. 

Commune is nice in summer, because you can sit outside and the food is jummy. 

Shangri-La Hotel has the best staff and food from all hotels - down town Shanghai, so really worth to go to the brunch. 

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I tried almost all brunches, but the best is still, when my wife is preparing everything for a picnic in summer and we go to a nice park. Thats the best brunch for me, so I can play with my kids, just great. 

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I went to Ginger last week for brunch and it was pretty good. 

It's a french place with mostly french dishes but it also has some good foreign food. It also has a nice terrace which is lovely. 


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