I need a new bar in Shanghai

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Shanghai has so many bars, but I am always going to the same, I need to see new bars. My favourites are Glamour Bar and Vue Bar, for now. Are there others you can recommend and I should check out? Exploring the city is great, new venues are welcome. Thx.


Chris111 1369260526

Don't tell anybody my secrets ;-) Shanghai has really good bars, not just Bar Rouge, Vue Bar, Glamour Bar etc.

Where I go, it depends on my mood.

- El Coctel: for a nice cocktail with a friend

- The Apartment: for fun and meet new people

- YongFoo Elite: relaxed atmosphere

I don't know how long you are here?! Try all of the bars in Shanghai and you will see if you like them. 

guidone 1370355817

I agree with Chris111

You could go to Bar Rouge, or The Camel Bar is good if you are looking for an English based sports pub/bar. They show all kinds of sports and it makes you feel like you back home. 

rolandfei 1392238115

Explore the long stretch of HengShan Road and tire your heart out from bar-hopping ;)

Oh don't miss those in Xintiandi too.

Here's more for you to choose!


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