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Hi, I am just move to shanghai few weeks, My rental room have a LG 42" tv but only can watch the local Chinese tv! Can U guys advise a good Satellite TV!

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Hi, is there anyone want to learn Chinese, I also want to learn English, We can teach each other :)

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Hello everyone, I have recently moved to Shanghai with a job offer, however, I must wait a couple months for the working visa to be processed. Does anybody here have an advice for me on how to find a temporary job (about three months) in Shanghai? I speak fluent English and French, but no Chinese, and am in posession of a Business visa. thanks in advance for your suggestions!!

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For anyone! Wives, partners, mothers,husbands et al please read info on the WASPI site on Facebook.Someone in your circle may need this information. Please sign to support women born 1950s and unfairly treated in pension age change https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776

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Hi there, Is there an Angloinfo website in the Netherlands? Thanks

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Hey, I need your help! As every women and men need a tailor in Shanghai, I would need an address for a good and cheap tailor as mine now is not good, too expensive and doesn´t speak English.  Thanks guys, you make my day ;-)   

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OK, so I've finally got my hands on Wechat (Weixin) Enterprise. Quite a struggle since I don't know much of Chinese. The only thing I'd usually do there is to post and share updates to followers. But I know that doesn't end right there, does it? What other functionalities (apart from the sharing post and managing followers) Wechat Enterprise has (in general)?

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Expat Show Shanghai comes back for its 8th edition, on September 5-6-7, 2014 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Expat Show 2014 dedicates its full resources to create the best platform for expatriates to find all information, products and services; they need for their everyday life in Shanghai. More than 150 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors are expected. This year activities feature: - Associations village & National villages (French and International villages) - The Cuisine Festival: discover and taste food from Shanghai restaurants - The Wine Discovery: taste and buy wines from all over the world -The Chess association: Chess board will be made available. -Kindergarten: Organized by professionals The Expat Show is an opportunity to meet many people, entertain your kids and spend a great time!! The Expat Show is also place to shop, with special deals from Travel Agencies, Clothing & Jewellery Shops, Art Galleries, F&B providers.  

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Hello to everyone,   I am American, my husband is Italian, we have two boys, the oldest is seven and the youngest is three.  I hold a Master's Degree, and there is a possible job for me in Shanghai, which will begin in July 2014.   The salary range for the position is 19,000-22,000 RMB per month.  My question for all of you is, considering the cost of living is it possible for use to re-locate and live in Shanghai on this salary?   We do not exaggerate in our living costs, my husband is a chef and ideally would work at night.  We do not like to live luxuriously, just comfortable.    My biggest concern is school for the boys.  I know International schools are crazy expensive and impossible with the above salary range.  My husband and I have begun doing research.  Would it be too difficult for our boys to attend a local school which teaches English as a foreign language?    Any opinions will be helpful! Thank you.

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Whether you are planning on dining on or cooking for your loved ones this Valentines, Shanghai expats can still enjoy a romantic date with your partner. Check this out: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/5/shanghai-food-and-drink.html

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Here are 81 events selected on Angloinfo Shanghai, there are art work exhibitions, there are top hotel in town offer the Valentize set Dinners, please take a look at here: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/whatson/select/0-0-0/all-categories/all-types/in-shanghai/on-14-February-2014/20

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Don't let the long holiday bore you out here in Shanghai. Check out Angloinfo Shanghai's What's On for events happening in town http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/whatson

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Xing Guang Photography Equipment Center A huge shopping mall exclusively for photography. Cameras and accessories ranging from old, used to brand new are sold. No. 288 Luban Road (near Xietu Road), Xuhui District. Open daily from 9am - 7pm (usually closes a bit early on Sunday). http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/560/shanghai-shopping-centres-and-department-stores.html

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AngloINFO Shanghai is looking for marketing and sales representatives for great China market You should love English speaking community in Shanghai; and love to be one of it; You love to attend the social event, and have the passion to introduce a real and modern Shanghai to the world ; You love to make the impossible to possible, knock the closed door till it open; You love to share the profit not work for the fixed salary Contact us immediately Phone180 1786 3139 http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewfeatured/356067/sales-and-marketing-representatives-for-angloinfo-

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Better know what are the requirements and how to deal with the ever-confusing and complicated Chinese visa policy. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/information

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Find some translators or interpreters for your documentation needs here in Shanghai http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/324/shanghai-translators-and-interpreters.html

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Buying gifts for your Chinese friends this Chinese New Year? http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/388/shanghai-gifts-florists-and-flowers.html

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I hope that I am posting this in the correct forum and the correct category. It could possibly  have come under 'entertainment'  or 'sport and leisure' or families and kids, and I have used general as a 'catch all' I am hoping that this posting will be seen by a mixture of expats and also local chinese users, who can advise on their opinions I was wondering how best to advertise holiday rental properties to the chinese market - In the UK and in parts of Europe, people tend to use standard sites such as holiday rentals when looking for properties, the Scandinavians have their own sites that they use and so do the Americans (North and South) using vacation rentals. With China being such an emerging market, I was wondering where the chinese would look and would they be specific sites written only in local language, or would English be used? The Europeans are used to booking properties through a site and arranaging all of their travel independantly. Is this sort of thing what the chinese market would expect, or would they prefer a package with everything included. Thank you for any advice and guidance.              

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2014 SCHEDULE OF HOLIDAYS AND OFF-SET WORKING DAYS IN CHINA January 1 (Wednesday) New Year’s Day   January 26 (Sunday) Off-set working day   January 31 (Friday, 1st day of the Lunar Calendar) – February 6 (Thursday) Chinese New Year and Spring Festival (??chun1 jie4) (Golden Week)   February 8 (Saturday) Off-set working day   March 8 (Saturday) Women’s Day (All women can take half-day)   April 5 (Saturday) – April 7 (Monday) Tomb-sweeping Day (??? qing1 ming4 jie4)   May 1 (Thursday) – May 3 (Saturday) Labour Day Holiday (???lao4 dong2 jie4)   May 4 (Sunday) Off-set working day   May 31 (Saturday) – June 2 (Monday) Dragon Boat Festival (??? duan1 wu3 jie4)   September 6 (Saturday) – September 8 (Monday) Mid-Autumn Festival (???zhong1 qiu1 jie4)   September 28 (Sunday) Off-set working day   October 1 (Wednesday) – October 7 (Tuesday) National Day Holiday (?? guo4 qing2) (Golden Week)   October 11 (Sunday) Off-set working day   Hope this helps you in planning your (travel/business) itineraries. No more straight 8-working day week! :)

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Finally we can breath today, after 2 weeks heavy air pollution here in Shanghai. And I hope you are happy as I do, for we can see the blue sky! And the air purifiy machines are over welocomed here in Shanghai recently. Here is the list of high quality Air purify service in town: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/580/shanghai-air-purifiers.html.

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