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I hope that I am posting this in the correct forum and the correct category. It could possibly  have come under 'entertainment'  or 'sport and leisure' or families and kids, and I have used general as a 'catch all' I am hoping that this posting will be seen by a mixture of expats and also local chinese users, who can advise on their opinions I was wondering how best to advertise holiday rental properties to the chinese market - In the UK and in parts of Europe, people tend to use standard sites such as holiday rentals when looking for properties, the Scandinavians have their own sites that they use and so do the Americans (North and South) using vacation rentals. With China being such an emerging market, I was wondering where the chinese would look and would they be specific sites written only in local language, or would English be used? The Europeans are used to booking properties through a site and arranaging all of their travel independantly. Is this sort of thing what the chinese market would expect, or would they prefer a package with everything included. Thank you for any advice and guidance.              


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Hi, this is a great market indeed here in China, as more and more Chinese chose to go abroad, take vacations in other countries, but, still lack of sources to found the good properties for rent in a short period. In general, there are some points here:


1. Most of the Chinese will chose the travel agency to book the ticket and hotel, but local travel agency they don't have the sources of the property rental but most of the hotels;

2. Some educated Chinese may try to book from the website to have the rental properties, but this is not a big portion, really few people do that;

3. Your idea to promote your holiday property is a good and smart idea! Because we have more and more Chinese people ,and most of them rich Chinese people go to overseas.

4. There is some local rent property business here, but all in Chinese, but they can be the partner?

5. if you want to promote your advertisement here, I suggest you may need to consider reach those people who can only speak Chinese.

6. There are some ways you can consider:

1) to work with the most biggest travel agency:, they are the biggest one in local;

2) to find a local partner, create a local Chinese website, introduce your rental properties, I am very interested in this.

3) do some promotion advertisement, reached those potential client, say well know medias, or magazines.

Let's share more ideas about this. Frankly speaking, I am really interested in this business.

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