Any tricks or tips for Wechat (Weixin) Enterprise?

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OK, so I've finally got my hands on Wechat (Weixin) Enterprise. Quite a struggle since I don't know much of Chinese. The only thing I'd usually do there is to post and share updates to followers. But I know that doesn't end right there, does it? What other functionalities (apart from the sharing post and managing followers) Wechat Enterprise has (in general)?


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Hi Rolandfei, WeChat is an instant messaging application, a mixed of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Instagram. Either you can communicate with your friends or you can follow your favourite brands. 

When you follow a brand, you can receive notifications once or twice every two weeks (it depends of the brand). But the whole objective of WeChat is to create a real conversation between the brand and the user. Starbucks was one of the pioneers using WeChat as marketing tool : fans could send emoticons to express their feelings and Starbucks replied by sending a song according to the mood of the users. It is a new way of engaging your community and make the brand more willing to listen to you. 

An other objective of WeChat is the geo-location targeting. As Social-CRM tool, WeChat can push notifications or marketing messaging according to your location. The Marketing messaging will be different according to the fan's location. For example, Clarins developed a campaign strategy for their UV Cream. For fans who are from the North of China, they will push notifications about Dry Skin UV Cream and for fans who are from the South of China, they will push about Oily Skin UV Cream. The targeting is a lot easier. 

And one of my favourite feature is the LBS (Location Based Services). WeChat provide a GPS-like feature where you can send your location informations to your friends or to your favourite brands. If you are fans with Coach on WeChat, you can send your location informations (click on + >> location>> send) and you will receive the closest Coach stores around you. Thanks to this feature, we can imagine tons of campaigns for marketers without pushing too much the users in a over-communication message. 

The Users are free to be fans with the brands by scanning a QR Code that they can find in magazines, stores, billboards, ... if the fans who come to the brand and not the opposite, and this is a new way of communicating !! 

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Hi Elodie,

This is indeed helpful!

I like the geo-location targetingand LBS. When I look at the back-office of Wechat enterprise though, everything is in chinese. Plus there's an option called the advanced programming something. I am not sure how I can access or gain this functionality.

Would be happy to know more about these 2 functions! Thanks a bunch Elodie!



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